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Queen’s Beast Silver Coins

The Queen's Beasts series takes its inspiration from the 10 heraldic statues created for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.

The statues were the work of British sculptor James Woodford, and guarded the western annexe to Westminster Abbey: the coronation church of the British monarchy. Today, the almost two-metre high painted plaster figures are on display in the Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa. 

Since their creation in 1953, the Beasts have been reproduced in a variety of ways, from porcelain figures, tableware, and candlesticks, to teaspoons and stamps. Then, in 2016, The Royal Mint produced a series of coins depicting the heraldic beasts. 

10 oz Queen's Beasts Griffin Silver Coin (2018)

The Griffin of Edward III is said to signify courage, vigilance, swiftness, guardianship and strength, and was chosen by King Edward III for his private seal.

10 oz Queen's Beasts Lion Silver Coin (2017)

The UK’s first official 10 oz coin, the Queen’s Beast Lion Silver Coin is one of the British Royal Mint’s most exciting releases.

2 oz Queen's Beasts Griffin Silver Coin (2017)

The second release in the Queen’s Beast series, the Silver Griffin is a half eagle, half lion, majestically perched on top of a heraldic shield.

2 oz Queen's Beasts Lion Silver Coin (2016)

The first to be introduced in the series, the Lion of England was the first ever 2 oz bullion coin produced by The Royal Mint.

2 oz Queen's Beasts Unicorn Silver Coin (2018)

The silver Unicorn coin bears a Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland shield and symbolises the English crown passing to King of Scotland James IV, making him the first King of Great Britain.

2 oz Queen's Beasts Dragon Silver Coin (2017) 

The silver Dragon coin depicts the Red Dragon of Wales, said to be the badge of Owen Tudor chosen by Henry VII to signify his ascent from Cadwaladr.

2018 Great Britain 2 oz Silver Queen's Beasts Unicorn MS-66 PCGS

Depicting the Unicorn of Scotland, this MS-66 graded coin displays full mint lustre with no blemishes, and is supplied in a sealed capsule with a certification of authenticity.

2018 Great Britain 2 oz Silver Queen's Beasts Unicorn MS-67 PCGS

Graded MS-67 by PCGS, this Silver Queen’s Beasts Unicorn coin displays full mint lustre and is supplied in a sealed capsule with an authenticity certification.  

2018 Great Britain 2 oz Silver Queen's Beasts Unicorn MS-68 PCGS

Graded as MS-68 First Strikes by PCGS in Paris, these outstanding 2018 2 oz Queen's Beasts Silver Unicorns are ideal for those wishing to add superior quality coins to their collections.

The Queen’s Beasts

This series will, it is anticipated, include all 10 beasts, minted in 1 and 1/4 oz of gold and 2 oz of silver. The following creatures are designated as the Queen's Beasts:

  • The English Lion

The crowned English Lion was the motif for the first coin in the series and represents the Kingdom of England together with the seat of the British monarchy.

  • The Griffin of Edward III

Edward III is considered to be the most significant monarch of the English Middle Ages. The Griffin was associated with Edward III by his contemporaries, and was part of his personal seal. 

  • The Falcon of the House of Plantagen

The House of Plantagenet provided several of the Kingdom of England's rulers and is one of the lineages from which the houses of Lancaster and York emerged. 

  • The Black Bull of the Duke of Claren

The Black Bull is the symbol of the Duke of Clarence. Originally, the Bull held the royal coat of arms as worn by Edward IV, Richard III, and all members of the House of Lancaster and Tudor.

  • The Yale of Beaufort

A Yale is a mythical creature, similar to an antelope. The Yale has a spotted coat and is the symbol of King Henry VII and his mother, Margaret Beaufort.

  • The White Lion of Mortimer

The White Lion was not only one of the personal insignia of Edward IV, but was also an emblem of the Mortimers, a family from which he and Elizabeth II descended.

  • The White Greyhound of Richmond

The White Greyhound of Richmond represents the unification of the Houses of Lancaster and York and was the favoured emblem of both Henry IV and Henry VII. 

  • The Red Dragon of Wales

Also called the Welsh Dragon or just the Red Dragon, this mythical creature goes back as far as 829 AD. Allegedly, the legendary King Arthur bore the Red Dragon on the banner he carried into battle.

  • The Scottish Unicorn 

Two unicorns have been the armorial supporters of the Scottish coat of arms since the 16th century. The unicorn symbolises the rule of Elizabeth II over Scotland as part of the United Kingdom. 

  • The White Horse of the House of Hanover

The House of Hanover has provided the rulers of Great Britain for almost 200 years, including the celebrated British Queen Victoria. The heraldic symbol represents the House of Welf and the original family of the House of Hanover. 

Why invest in a Queen’s Beast coin?

Celebrating hundreds of years of royal heraldry, The Queen’s Beasts are an iconic collection set to be treasured for years to come. The collection is admired for its beauty, purity and outstanding designs, created by designer Jody Clark.  

The series introduces one beast at a time, with the first in the collection being the Lion of England, released in March 2016, to mark the year the Queen became the world’s longest reigning living monarch. The rest in the series will be released each year until the predicted completion in 2020. The finished collection will include 2oz and 10oz silver coins as well gold 1 oz, and 1/4 oz denominations

The Queen’s Beast Silver Series is a sought-after collection by investors as it features the first ever 2oz silver bullion coin. As legal tender in the UK, the coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax and are also VAT-free, meaning you won’t have to pay tax on any profit, should you wish to sell them in the future.

How much are silver Queen’s Beast coins worth?

Each coin in the Queen’s Beast collection has an assigned face value, however, the actual worth of the coin depends on a range of factors, primarily the price of silver at the time the coin is sold.

The 2 oz coin has a value of £5 and the 10 oz coin has a value of £10, but the true worth of the coin is based on its weight, purity of metal and its perceived value at the time of sale. 

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