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Buy Gold Coins - Secure invesment since centuries

As an investment, gold coins have always been very popular around the globe. Interesting stories around the individual series of coins from different countries arouse the interest of collectors, who benefit from the currently favourable prices for gold.

Gold investment coins serve as investment products and are minted solely for this purpose. These so-called bullion coins are the ideal long-term investment for investing ones assets in a diversified manner. For example, these include the South African Krugerrand. Since it was first minted in1967 in Germiston, Johannesburg, the Krugerrand has enjoyed worldwide popularity. It only applies as official legal tender in South Africa, even though it is not intended as currency and therefore does not bear any nominal value. Canada produces a further successful investment gold coin - it shows a large maple leaf and is therefore called the Maple Leaf. The United States has minted the American Eagle, the true symbol of the country. These gold coins also have a high value and are a good investment for the future. One of the most fascinating pieces is the Vienna Philharmonic gold coin. This coin was released in 1989 and has gained interest worldwide. One of the other series with a high value is the Britannia coin, which comes from the United Kingdom. But this is only a small sample of the diverse selection of coins from!

Another important piece of information is that investment gold is exempt from tax. For gold coins with a fineness of at least 900/1000, no tax is applied, if they are sold after at least one year. The prerequisite for this is that the respective gold coins were minted after 1800 and are or were recognised legal tender. The market price for the gold coin may not exceed the value of the gold by more than 80%.

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