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Buy Palladium Bars

We stock a great selection of Palladium Bars and whether you’re looking for 1 oz or 100 gram bars, you can count on the best prices at coininvest.com.

Why pick Palladium Bars?

Palladium was only discovered during the 1800s and the distinctive silvery-white metal is related to platinum.

It has many of the same properties, it’s rare and, like platinum, it’s has unique industrial and technological uses. 

These factors increase its desirability and, as it’s known to retain or increase its value from year to year, Palladium Bars are ideal for both new and established investors.

Order Palladium Bars online

Discover the unique qualities of Palladium through our collection of cast or minted bars from world-famous refiners or explore our comprehensive range of Palladium Bullion coins.

At coininvest.com, we work closely with many of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers to bring you high-quality products like Heraeus Palladium Bars at the most tempting prices. 

Palladium Bars

Palladium Bars

Palladium bars are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio with one of the world’s rarest precious Metals. Palladium bars have a millesimal fineness of .9995 and are available in a range of sizes. It’s more economical to invest in larger bars to benefit from a lower premium over palladium spot price.  

Palladium Bars are cheaper than Palladium Bullion Coins so they’re a convenient option for buyers who wish to make Precious Metals part of their pension plan or stock portfolio. Bars are easily stored and can be used in lieu of conventional currency if desired. Palladium Bars are very tradeable and are swiftly becoming one of the most popular options for investors. 

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