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Low prices and a great range of products for investors and collectors

Visiting our sales section is the best way for investors and collectors to purchase gold, silver and other precious metals at unbelievably low prices. Choose from low mintage, damaged, or over-stocked specials and enjoy great savings.

We always feature a range of discounted gold and silver coins and bars in our regularly updated clearance offers. You’ll also find platinum and palladium items from time to time, giving you the most cost-effective opportunity to grab these rare precious metals. These products may be great value for money - but you’ll still enjoy the same outstanding service you’ve come to expect from

Gold and Silver Clearance Sales

Our clearance sales section allows us to make way for new products, so all the featured items have undergone extensive price cuts. Take advantage of these bargain prices to boost your portfolio or pension plan with Gold and Silver Coins, Platinum and Palladium Bars or purchase unique items for investors and collectors for much less.

Overstocked or Damaged – but still a fantastic buy

Sometimes goods are listed because we’ve overstocked or bought much larger quantities to pass on bigger savings to our customers. Other items may have slight imperfections or flaws, or be damaged in some small way. However, if you buy a damaged product, the flaw is always in the design or manufacture of the item and doesn’t affect the amount of Pure Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium you receive.

Some Coins or other pieces may have been pre-owned or are not in Mint Condition, or you may find historical coins from our vaults. Whatever the reasons, our Specials Section gives you access to a vast assortment of exclusive Gold and Silver products at Sale Prices. Look out for our not-to-be-missed Daily Deals and weekly flash sales and buy specially selected items at rock bottom prices while stocks last.

Visit Specials daily

Be sure to check the Specials section regularly for the latest discounts and price cuts. Join the thousands of smart buyers who already take advantage of the best bullion bargains with We ship all orders promptly and securely, just as we do with our extensive range of premium Gold and Silver Coins and Bars and Platinum and Palladium products.