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Silver bars and bullion

Silver bars and bullion

Silver bars are the most common form of investment for those who want to put money into large amounts of physical silver, as opposed to silver coins. Investors who want to buy silver bars to diversify their portfolio are spoilt for choice because there are numerous variants for every individual investment purpose. They differ in both value and the way they are manufactured.

While smaller units, such as 1oz, are usually minted, silver bars starting with a weight of 100g are simply cast. All silver bars from come from LBMA certified (London Bullion Market Association) mints, such as Heraeus or Umicore.

As one of the biggest precious metal dealers in the UK and Europe, you’ll find a wide-ranging selection of silver bars at including 1oz, 100g, 10oz silver and many more.

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To complement silver bars in a portfolio, silver coins are considered a more popular investment choice among private investors. Units of 1oz like the 1oz silver Britannia or the 1oz silver Maple Leaf, which can easily be sold again, are particularly in high demand.

To keep the agio (premium or cost) as low as possible, there is the option to invest in 10oz and 1kg coins, which are relatively cheap thanks to the lower minting expenditure. 1/2oz and 1/4oz pieces round up the portfolio and are particularly useful in times of crisis, thanks to their nominal value.

How and why to invest in silver bars

Silver has always been in high demand and people have used it as a form of payment for thousands of years because it retains its value well. Modern advancements in the middle of the 19th century meant that silver lost its significance as an industrial raw material.

However, it has remained an important investment metal and has proven itself again and again in times of economic crisis. Investing in silver bars is a practical way to preserve wealth and beat inflation in an adverse economy.

When buying silver bars, the focus is on the value of the material rather than the design. This is because it’s incredibly rare to get hold of bars that are struck with special edition motifs, and in these rare cases, a surcharge is payable.

Investing in silver bars: What you could earn

When looking at the silver price chart over the past 10 years, silver offers enormous odds for yield-seeking investors. Take a look at our silver price index.

How much is a silver bar worth?

The price of silver is rising and this is mainly because the money supply in the US and the Eurozone is expanding. In addition, silver is an essential precious metal in the manufacturing industry. Just like other precious metals, the price of silver is heavily reliant on the supply and demand chain.

Silver bars come in different sizes and weights, with the biggest bars weighing 15kg. The bigger the weight, the cheaper the price tends to be. This is because it’s more cost-effective for the mints to produce larger bars rather than smaller ones. The bigger the silver bar is the closer they are traded to the spot price silver. Smaller silver bars are easier to liquidate and so this adds to their value.

For more information on prices, look over our silver price chart.

What’s the difference between silver bars and silver bullion?

  • What is bullion?

    Bullion is the term for any precious metal such as silver, gold, or platinum, which comes in the form of coins, bars, and ingots. It’s valued by purity and weight. o What’s the difference between bars and bullion? Bars and bullion are essentially the same thing. The term bullion is an old saying isn’t used as much as it was. It descends from the French word “bouillon” which means mint or melting pot.

  • What’s the difference between bars and bullion?

    Bars and bullion are essentially the same thing. The term bullion is an old saying isn’t used as much as it was. It descends from the French word “bouillon” which means mint or melting pot.

What are Silver CombiBars?

In addition to traditional forms of silver bars, we also sell Silver CombiBars, such as the 100 x 1g silver Valcambi bar – many small, low-weight silver bars adjoined together. Each of the individual bars can be broken off and used as an investment when needed.

Will CoinInvest buy silver bars?

If you want to sell silver bars, you’ve come to the right place – we buy silver bars on a daily basis. Our buyback process is quick and simple, just give our team of friendly experts a call on +44 (0) 20 369 50 335 or send us an e-mail and we’ll be happy to help before fixing the price.

Silver bar FAQs

Find out more about buying and selling silver bars with CoinInvest – browse our FAQs for information on payment options, shipping, and more.

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