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Silver Price Charts Today

Live metal spot prices last 24h 10/18/2017 16:45:07

Silver Spot Prices Silver Price Today Spot Change
Silver price per Gram 0,47 €  
Silver price per Ounce 14,48 € -0,09 € 
Silver price per Kilogram 465,64 € -2,87 € 

For real-time updates on the latest silver spot price throughout the day, look no further than coininvest. You can also discover the daily LBMA Silver price (operated by CME and administered by Thomas Reuters), which is set in US dollars per ounce at 12:00 BST. 

Tailor our silver price charts to suit your requirements, and access only the data you need, to ensure your next investment decision is an informed one. Learn about the various factors that can determine the price of silver, and find out about the different denominations and forms this precious metal is available in.


The Price Of Silver: Confidence Is Appropriate

Anyone who’s looked at a silver price chart in the past ten years can quickly spot two important facts:

  1. Silver offers yield-seeking investors enormous odds.
  2. The evolution of silver is characterized by sometimes drastic setbacks in the share price.

How do you explain this overall development in the price of silver? Which factors are the most decisive for the price of silver? What kinds of speculations and manipulations take place?

Fiat Money And Precious Metals - Fiction vs. Reality

The rising price of silver in Euros and U.S. Dollars is primarily due to a simple and well-established fact: the money supply in the U.S. and the Euro zone is expanding. Europeans - unlike Americans - at least know the Geldmengenzwachs exactly. From January 2000 to January 2012, the total amount of money the European Central Bank (M3) increased from 4,715 billion to 9,759 billion Euros: an increase of 106%. However in the United States the announcement of the money supply in 2006 was adjusted so there are no longer official figures. When the money supply cannot keep up with economic growth, the value of that currency inevitably decreases.

Question: How can you accurately measure the reserve currency, the U.S. dollar and other major currencies such as the euro, yen and British pound when they all suffer from the same development?
Answer: Gold and silver are two precious metals that have been used for thousands of years to reflect the value of goods.

Unlike so-called fiat money (that can be multiplied at will, and whose value can be represented today officially only in other fiat money), the amount is limited to precious metals available at any time to a specific maximum. The price of gold and silver is therefore largely nothing more than currency devaluation viewed from a reasonable base.

Industrial uses of silver

The question remains as to why the development of the price of silver is so erratic. One factor is the importance of silver as an industrially valuable precious metal. In the wake of the 2007/2008 financial crisis, all major economies (excluding China) slipped into a recession that affected the silver price significantly because the economic demand was lacking. However, the slump in the silver price (from about $20 to below $10 in 2008) cannot be explained solely by lack of industrial demand. Silver was and is an important object of speculation and manipulation in which profits can be generated either by rising or falling prices.

Actual Silver Price in Euro Ask Bid
EUR 1/4oz 7,78g 3,613 3,605
EUR 1/2oz 15,55g 7,226 7,210
EUR 1oz 31,10g 14,451 14,421
EUR 2oz 62,20g 28,902 28,842
EUR 5oz 155,51g 72,256 72,105
EUR 10oz 311,04g 144,512 144,210
EUR 12oz 373,24g 173,415 173,051
EUR 20oz 622,07g 289,025 288,419
EUR 25oz 777,59g 361,281 360,524
EUR 1,0g 0,465 0,464
EUR 2,0g 0,929 0,927
EUR 5,0g 2,323 2,318
EUR 10,0g 4,646 4,636
EUR 20,0g 9,292 9,273
EUR 25,0g 11,615 11,591
EUR 50,0g 23,231 23,182
EUR 100,0g 46,462 46,364
EUR 200,0g 92,924 92,729
EUR 250,0g 116,155 115,911
EUR 500,0g 232,309 231,822
EUR 1kg 464,618 463,644
EUR 2kg 929,236 927,288
EUR 5kg 2.323,090 2.318,220
10/18/2017 16:45:15
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information!
Actual Silver Price in US-Dollar Ask Bid
USD 1/4oz 7,78g 4,256 4,246
USD 1/2oz 15,55g 8,513 8,493
USD 1oz 31,10g 17,025 16,985
USD 2oz 62,20g 34,050 33,970
USD 5oz 155,51g 85,125 84,925
USD 10oz 311,04g 170,250 169,850
USD 12oz 373,24g 204,300 203,820
USD 20oz 622,07g 340,500 339,700
USD 25oz 777,59g 425,625 424,625
USD 1,0g 0,547 0,546
USD 2,0g 1,095 1,092
USD 5,0g 2,737 2,730
USD 10,0g 5,474 5,461
USD 20,0g 10,947 10,922
USD 25,0g 13,684 13,652
USD 50,0g 27,368 27,304
USD 100,0g 54,737 54,608
USD 200,0g 109,473 109,216
USD 250,0g 136,842 136,520
USD 500,0g 273,683 273,040
USD 1kg 547,366 546,080
USD 2kg 1.094,732 1.092,160
USD 5kg 2.736,830 2.730,400
10/18/2017 16:45:15
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information!
Actual Silver Price in British Pound Ask Bid
GBP 1/4oz 7,78g 3,229 3,222
GBP 1/2oz 15,55g 6,458 6,444
GBP 1oz 31,10g 12,916 12,889
GBP 2oz 62,20g 25,833 25,778
GBP 5oz 155,51g 64,582 64,445
GBP 10oz 311,04g 129,163 128,889
GBP 12oz 373,24g 154,996 154,667
GBP 20oz 622,07g 258,326 257,778
GBP 25oz 777,59g 322,908 322,223
GBP 1,0g 0,415 0,414
GBP 2,0g 0,831 0,829
GBP 5,0g 2,076 2,072
GBP 10,0g 4,153 4,144
GBP 20,0g 8,305 8,288
GBP 25,0g 10,382 10,360
GBP 50,0g 20,763 20,719
GBP 100,0g 41,527 41,439
GBP 200,0g 83,054 82,878
GBP 250,0g 103,817 103,597
GBP 500,0g 207,635 207,194
GBP 1kg 415,269 414,388
GBP 2kg 830,538 828,776
GBP 5kg 2.076,345 2.071,940
10/18/2017 16:45:15
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information!
Actual Silver Price in Swiss Franc Ask Bid
CHF 1/4oz 7,78g 4,178 4,166
CHF 1/2oz 15,55g 8,355 8,333
CHF 1oz 31,10g 16,710 16,666
CHF 2oz 62,20g 33,420 33,331
CHF 5oz 155,51g 83,550 83,328
CHF 10oz 311,04g 167,100 166,657
CHF 12oz 373,24g 200,520 199,988
CHF 20oz 622,07g 334,201 333,314
CHF 25oz 777,59g 417,751 416,642
CHF 1,0g 0,537 0,536
CHF 2,0g 1,074 1,072
CHF 5,0g 2,686 2,679
CHF 10,0g 5,372 5,358
CHF 20,0g 10,745 10,716
CHF 25,0g 13,431 13,395
CHF 50,0g 26,862 26,791
CHF 100,0g 53,724 53,581
CHF 200,0g 107,448 107,163
CHF 250,0g 134,310 133,954
CHF 500,0g 268,620 267,907
CHF 1kg 537,240 535,814
CHF 2kg 1.074,480 1.071,628
CHF 5kg 2.686,200 2.679,070
10/18/2017 16:45:15
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information!