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The Australian Silver Koala

The Australian Silver Koala

The Australian Koala is a series of high quality silver and platinum bullion coins issued by the Perth Mint. Along with the Kangaroo and Kookaburra series, these coins have made the Australian Mint famous among investors and collectors all over the world and have developed an established reputation as producers of exceptional bullion coins with semi-numismatic value.

Investors seek the 99.9% or even 99.99% purity of these coins and purchase Koalas to add to their portfolios, but collectors also buy them owing in large part to their attractive theme and the fact that the Perth Mint changes the reverse designs annually.

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Buying Koala silver coins

Australian Koala silver and platinum coins are available for purchase from the CoinInvest website. We have a great collection of coins to choose from, and all at excellent rates. Feel free to browse through the selection and click on the image above to take you through to the product description page. To buy the coin of your choice simply add to your basket and continue to check-out.

Koala coins showcase one of Australia’s most beloved animals and are minted in highest purity silver, gold and platinum as part of the Discover Australia series, depicting Australia’s diverse indigenous wildlife.

The Australian Silver Koala was first released in 2007 featuring .999 purity, yearly alternate designs and five different sizes: 1 kilo, 10 ounce, 1 ounce, ½ ounce and 1/10 ounce (since 2011). Mintages vary depending on the year, but are low compared to other international issues.

Silver Koalas offer many outstanding options: silver proof high relief versions, such as the 2013 1 oz Australian Koala with only 9,000 pieces minted and the 2012 5oz. silver proof coin (a 5,000 piece edition),coloured versions, and gilded with 24-karat gold versions, such as the 2010 1 oz. coin with a limited production of 10, 000 pieces. All these special, limited edition coins bear the "P" mintmark.

The Australian high-relief, proof quality Gold Koala was first released in 2008, featuring .9999 purity, spectacular koala designs each year and 2oz., 1oz., 1/10oz., 1/25oz. releases with legal tender values of AUS $ 200, 100,10 and 5. The 0.5g gold mini Koala with a face value of AUS $2 is a very special coin for any collection, and also ideal for a much appreciated gift.

Interestingly, the first time a koala appeared on an Australian bullion coin was on the reverse surface of the 1988 1 oz. platinum Koala. Since its first year of issue, the Australian Koala Platinum coin has remained a leader in world investment coin markets. Periodically minted in 2 oz., 1/2 oz. and 1/4 oz. denominations and featuring proof quality 99.95% pure platinum, it is still produced today as a globally recognized investment in the precious metal market.

The 2013 Australian Koala 25th Anniversary proof platinum issue is a brilliant reminder of how far this unique and highly collectible coin series has gone. Each Koala coin is beautifully designed and extensively refined into a "two-tone" frosted effect, giving the motif on the surface of the coins gorgeous richness and depth, and a radiant brilliance not found on other bullion coins.

These remarkable bullion coins are widely recognized globally and have increasingly become a popular purchase for serious investors around the world. Thanks to their beautiful design and universal appreciation, Koala bullion coins are a powerful addition to any portfolio.

Koala description

The obverse side of all Koala bullion coins bears the detailed portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, engraved by the Royal Mint’s acclaimed sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley. His initials are inscribed under Her Majesty’s neck. Early platinum issues depict the constitutional monarch of Australia inRaphael Maklouf’s version. Inscribed are the words "ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA" and the face value along the coins’ circular fringe.

The reverse features a delightful range of Koala motifs. Contrary to popular belief, Koalas are not bears but marsupials living on eucalyptus trees, and only nicknamed by British settlers in the late 19th century because of their timid nature and cuddly appearance resembling that of Victorian stuffed toy bears.

Inscribed are the words "AUSTRALIAN KOALA" along with the purity and metal content of silver, gold or platinum. The "P" mintmark is also struck on this side.

The production of the Koala

The standard of minting excellence for which the Perth Mint is renowned comes from its wealth of tradition and experience in combiningage-old trusted techniques with pioneer coin manufacturing technology.

Perth Mint coins stand out for their inspiring artistic design, the scrupulous engraving and production of the dies, the technologically advanced minting and finishing, the thorough quality control, and finally the safety hard plastic capsule packaging that protects the delicate precious metal surfaces.

All these features guarantee that Australian Koala bullion coins enjoy all the care of the Perth Mint’s unmatched expertise and will be treasured for their value enhancing overall end result.

Perth Mint Quality Assurance

Today, the Perth Mint is among the elite of refineries throughout the globe. Pure gold, silver and platinum Perth Mint coins are legal tender and universally acknowledged for their superior quality, supreme craftsmanship and innovative design.

The Mints’ state of the art manufacturing techniques use highly sophisticated equipment that is unlikely to be found anywhere else. The exactness of the specifications and the complexity of the frosted designs,together with the Perth’s Mintmark and certificates of authenticity, makes it practically impossible for Australian Koala coins to be counterfeited, and if that did happen, experienced dealers would detect the fraud in a matter of seconds.

Selling Koala coins

As leading precious metal dealers CoinInvest GmbH are always happy to hear from anybody looking to sell silver Koala coins. If you are looking to cash in on your Koala coins, do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly staff who will prepare a fixed fee offer and confirm the same by email. We offer excellent rates at highly competitive prices so contact us today.