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In addition to its inherent decorative and aesthetic qualities, gold has been appreciated as a standard of value for well over 3000 years. The warm glow of the precious metal has always been a source of inspiration for humankind, from the beginning of its career in jewelry or weapons to its use as a means of payment in the form of coins. The fascination with this resource remains unperturbed to this day: Gold is timeless and in demand.

The precious metal is unique in having defied all financial crises. Gold cannot be reproduced at will, in contrast to cash or stock shares. Gold is a finite natural resource that is immune to inflationary financial politics, and it will increase in value over time because of its limited availability.

There is also a high demand for gold on the part of various industries. Over the past years the use of this precious metal, alongside others such as silver or palladium, has been on the rise in the electronic, automobile, space and medical industries.Due to its historical significance and its impressive usefulness, gold remains a safe option for sustainable and long-term capital investment.

“Gold Is Money, Everything Else Is Credit" --JP Morgan

There are two variants for capital investments on the market: as bars of five, ten, 100 or 1000 grams per fine ounce, or in the form of so-called investment coins. Since 2006 CoinInvest provides a platform for buying and selling these two trading options throughout Europe for collectors, private and institutional investors, financial advisors and merchants. Thus, for example, we buy popular investment coins, such as the one celebrating the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra or the Canadian Maple Leaf, at the current gold rate in Euros and pass them on to our customers at the same price.We obtain our gold bars and coins from the most reputable producers, and our experts examine every item to ensure the high quality of the products we offer. Coin collectors can also enlarge their portfolio through our vast assortment of gold and silver coins from over 16 countries. Since CoinInvest obtains the coins directly from the state-run coin mints, we can ensure favorable and fair prices.

At CoinInvest it is possible to acquire gold at a low cost, close to the current gold price. The size of the investment framework does not matter. Our products are updated every two minutes according to the current price of gold to ensure low prices. Furthermore, CoinInvest offers bulk buyers the option to buy gold at a wholesale price. Our experts will gladly assist anyone interested, such as merchants and investors, with their extensive knowledge concerning the trade in precious metals. Our excellent and fast personal customer service can assure this.



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