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Silver Britannia Coins

Introduced in 1997, the silver Britannia was the first European silver investment coin. Following the success of its predecessors, such as the silver Maple Leaf and the silver American Eagle, the introduction of a British coin was an obvious choice. 
The Britannia silver coins initially had a silver purity of 0.958 which changed to an increased fineness of 0.9999 pure silver back in 2013. The original design began with sculptor Philip Nathan in 1987 on the gold Britannia
2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the Silver Britannia coin which is Capital Gains Tax free in the UK. We are an official distributor of the Royal Mint.

1 oz Britannia Silver Coin - 20th Anniversary Edition (2017)

The 1 oz silver Britannia celebrates 20 years of the UK’s most popular bullion coin. With a limited mintage of 120,000 units, it’s incredibly rare and in high demand

1 oz Landmarks of Britain - Big Ben Silver Coin (2017)

The 1 oz Landmarks of Britain coins are inspired by the landmarks that define the nation. Big Ben is the first in the series, making it a highly coveted choice. The coin contains 31.105g of real silver with a purity of .999

1 oz Silver Britannia (2018)

The 2018 1 oz silver Britannia bullion coin features a new sunburst background on the reverse of the coin and contains one troy ounce of .999 fine silver

1 oz Silver Britannia (mixed years)

The mixed years 1 oz silver Britannias date from 2016 backwards. The silver Britannia features the internationally recognised symbol Britannia on one side and the Queen’s head on the reverse, and has a silver purity of .999 or .958

Why invest in a silver Britannia Coin?

The silver Britannia is one of Royal Mint’s most popular coins, admired for its quality and beauty. Its high metal content makes it one of the purest British coins on the market. As Britannia coins are British currency, they are exempt from Capital Gains Tax, making them a great choice for passing down through the generations.

    The silver Britannia’s iconic design is a real piece of craftsmanship and depicts two of Britain’s most heroic figures:

  • Britannia
    Armed with a trident, union jack shield and stood in a wind-swept stance, the female goddess Britannia is portrayed on one side. Britannia is renowned for being the national symbol of Britain, introduced almost 2,000 years ago. She first appeared on Roman coins issued by the emperor in AD 119 and was brought back on the British farthing in 1672 during the reign of Charles II.

  • Queen Elizabeth II
    The other side of the silver Britannia coin contains the fifth official portrait of the Queen, with this version introduced to the range in 2015. Earning a fifth portrait on a coin is a huge accomplishment, given that no other British monarch has been in power long enough to receive such an accolade.

How much are silver Britannia coins worth?

Silver Britannia coins have a face value of £2, however, the actual value of the coin is dependent on the current price of silver.

How much the coin is worth comes down to the weight, purity of metal and its perceived value at the time of sale.

  • It features an alloy containing 95.84% silver with the rest of the coin made of copper
  • It was the first coin to introduce 0.958 fineness of silver. This has since increased to 0.999 (99.99%) silver and contains 1 troy ounce of silver (31.103g).

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How to buy a silver Britannia coin

You can purchase a silver Britannia coin from our website at great rates – we constantly update our prices to ensure you’re always getting the most current metal spot price.  
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