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Edward VII 2nd Choice Gold Sovereign (1902-1910)
The Royal Mint

Edward VII 2nd Choice Gold Sovereign (1902-1910)


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The 1902-1910 Edward VII Gold Full Sovereign

The British Gold Sovereign is considered one of most prestigious and trustworthy gold bullion coins on the precious metals market. The epitome of a solid investment, it is a vessel in the annals of history, and an exquisitely designed coin. Just holding an Edward VII gold Sovereign magically transcends time and takes you back more than 100 years to another era when life was so different.

Why buy 2nd choice Edward VII Gold Full Sovereigns?

As sovereigns remained in circulation until WWI, most Edward Sovereigns are quite worn. However, it was a habit for people to put aside a few freshly minted coins dedicated to the first year of a new reign, and therefore coins struck in 1902, the first full year of Edward's reign are often in good condition.

However, it is more difficult to find as many coins in top grade for subsequent years. From an investor's point of view, things are crystal clear: you pay less to buy the same coin, but nevertheless these coins still represent excellent value for money. But what about collectors?

Numismatically speaking there's absolutely no difference. Edward VII Sovereign coins minted just before WWI by the Royal Mint and its Australian branches offer guaranteed quality. However, given they were regular circulating coins many of them have scratches or dents, which may discourage some collectors buying second choice coins. On the hand, the worn patterns give the coins a character with hundreds of stories to tell and present a charming feature.


The 1902-1910 Edward VII Gold Full Sovereign weighs 7.98g of .917 purity gold, it is 22.05 mm in diameter and 1.56 mm thick. On the obverse side we see a portrait of King Edward VII facing right (Queen Victoria was facing left) and around him the inscriptions EDWARDVS VII D: G: BRITT: OMN: REX F: D: IND: IMP.

On the reverse we find Benedetto Pistrucci's emblematic design of St George killing the Dragon. Inspired by the Elgin marbles in the British museum, the artist proposed the theme for the reverse side of the new sovereign. For a reported fee of 100 guineas (the coins that the modern sovereigns would replace as legal tender) Pistrucci provided a jasper cameo of St George - the patron saint of England -that proved to be an excellent choice and are still popular with coin collectors. The date of issue is inscribed at the bottom.


Edward VII Gold Full Sovereigns were first struck in 1902 after a Royal proclamation was issued on December 10, 1901.The Edwardian era differed sharply from the rigid and puritanical Victorian age. Edward VII was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and ruled Britain from 1901-1910. His mother insisted on an incredibly strict routine for Edward, never allowing his involvement in political affairs. Edward subsequently led a rebellious, indulgent lifestyle that many feared would compromise his ability as a monarch. Nevertheless, in his short time on the throne he ruled peacefully and effectively, strengthening relationships with European powers. Edward's reign was a brief and happy time of peace and prosperity for Britain before the shadow of World War I fell upon Europe. He died in 1910 of a heart attack.


Since the time of Queen Victoria, the Royal Mint took counterfeiting and fraud extremely seriously, and Edward VII Sovereign coins were minted to precise specifications. But there was another significant detail: the small size and the finely detailed design of the coin makes Sovereigns incredibly difficult to forge and counterfeit coins of the time can easily be detected by experienced dealers as they are of poor quality. In fact, many Sovereign experts pledge they can detect genuine Sovereigns when they handle them, just by hearing the particular "ring" they make when dropped on a counter.

Buying and Selling 2nd choice Edward VII Sovereign coins

As leading distributors of gold bullion coins, CoinInvest offer highly competitive rates on 2nd grade Edward VII Gold Full Sovereigns. As demand is high we urge you to order at the soonest possible moment.

To order your coins, sign into your CoinInvest account and add the items to your basket by clicking on the orange strip in the volume pricing section. If we have the coin in stock, we will process your order immediately, but you should allow at least 10 working days for delivery as some bank transfers do not reach us for up to 7 days depending on your bank and country of residence.

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  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Weight17.32g
  • Series: Sovereign
  • Mint: The Royal Mint
  • Purity: 917/1000
  • Diameter, mm: 22.05
  • Face value: 1
  • Currency: British Pound
  • Product number: 109202
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1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

* The delivered products may vary slightly from the picture shown.

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