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Sovereign | Gold | Best Value
Sovereign | Gold | Best Value
The Royal Mint

Sovereign | Gold | Best Value


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Best Value Gold Sovereigns

Gold Sovereign Coins are a highly popular choice for smart investors. Thanks to their legal tender status, our best value gold Sovereign coins are VAT Free and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exempt to UK buyers.  To ensure that our customers benefit from the most competitive prices, we supply coins from various years based on the stock we have available at the time of purchase. 

Why pick pre-circulated Gold Sovereigns?

Buyers choose our best value Gold Sovereigns for their gold content rather than their aesthetic or numismatic value.  You might receive Gold Sovereigns that were minted during the reign of Victoria, Edward or George or gold coins bearing the portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II. However, all our value Sovereigns are in good to fair condition and you're guaranteed 7.3200 grams of gold in each coin. 

These attractively priced Gold Sovereign Coins are a convenient and effective way to boost your stock portfolio with fine gold and you'll enjoy fast, insured delivery with

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Weight17.32g
  • Series: Sovereign
  • Mint: The Royal Mint
  • Purity: 917/1000
  • Diameter, mm: 22.05
  • Thickness, mm: 1.52
  • Face value: 1
  • Currency: British Pound
  • Product packaging: Sachet
  • Bulk packaging: 20 per tube
  • Product number: 109251

1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

* The delivered products may vary slightly from the picture shown.

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  • By , Spain /Mar 20, 2022
    Good . very good
    El tiempo de entrega fue un poco largo debido a la alta demanda por la guerra de ucraina, pero los productos recibido estban perfectos y la forma de entrega "casi anónima" en un punto de recogida me parece lo mejor para este tipo de producto. Estoy muy contento y las monedas recibidas estaban perfectas.
  • By , United Kingdom /Nov 25, 2020
    I constantly check best value for my currency, almost every time I decide on for my value gold sovereigns. The post covid delivery arrangements with UPS with updating emails works so well, so please don't mess with it.
  • By , United Kingdom /Jul 22, 2020
    Great Service
    I acquired two of these sovereigns I’m very happy with the coins and would like to give the UPS guys a big thumbs up on delivery time from order to my door great.
  • By , Sweden /Aug 6, 2018
    Quick delivery fair contidion.
    I use to buy Best Value Gold Sovereigns and I get coins from different years. It is not so shiny as the new one and almost always have some small scratches but its fair enough because it is precirculated. I will buy again. Thank you for your services