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10 oz Koala | Silver | 2013

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The Koala 10oz silver coin was issued in 2013 by the Australian Perth Mint as a continuation of a series that appeared in the life of collectors and investors in 2007. It is also legal tender in the country of origin Australia.

Other denominations available for the Koala 10oz silver coin are the 1/2oz silver bullion coin which is the equivalent of 15.55 grams, the 1oz Koala silver coin or 31.10 grams, the 1 kilogram silver Koala bullion coin, and the smaller version is the 1/10oz or 3.31 grams of pure silver.

One Koala 10oz silver coin issued in 2013 weighs, as its title obviously suggests, 311.00 grams or 10 troy ounces of pure silver because it is also characterized by a 99.90% purity, like all the other coins from this series.

The design of the Koala 10oz silver coin issued in 2013 is the same with the 1oz Koala coin and is also encountered on other denominations that were issued in the same year. We mention the syntax in the same year because the silver bullion coins belonging to the Australian Koala series experience a different design each year.

The obverse of the Koala 10oz silver coin depicts an effigy of United Kingdom Queen designed by Ian Rank-Broadley accompanied by inscriptions disposed in a circle on the sides of the coin, as follows: "AUSTRALIA", "ELIZABETH II", and face value of "10 DOLLARS".

The tail side of the Koala 10oz silver coin illustrates a beautiful and lovable Australian koala while sleeping in its natural habitat, on a branch tree and in its sleep he is hugging the branch. Also on the reverse is inscribed AUSTRALIAN KOALA and at the bottom the year of release "2013", the weight 10oz and the purity "999 SILVER". The Perth Mint is recognized through the small inscribed letter "P".

The Australian Perth Mint made a good decision when it issued the Koala 10oz silver coin because it is more practical for investors to trade it. Having a sufficient weight that makes it nor too pricy nor that affordable in order for an investor to be determined to acquire more coins, some investors regard the Koala 10oz silver coin as just the right quantity in which they would like to perform a precious metals investment.

Through the acquirement of a Koala 10oz silver coin investors will be able to trade in the near or distant future, whenever they find it convenient, a quite impressive amount of pure silver, nearly one third of a kilogram. This is quite impressive for anyone.

However, if an investor would consider buying the same quantity delivered by the Koala 10oz silver coin, only made out of gold, it would necessitate a considerable amount of money for most people on this planet. That is why silver investment belonging to the branch of investment into precious metals is more attainable for the majority of people.

  • Country: Australia
  • Weight1: 311.035g
  • Series: Koala
  • Mint: The Perth Mint Australia
  • Purity: 999/1000
  • Face value: 10
  • Currency: Australian Dollar
  • Product packaging: Plastic capsule
  • Authenticity guarantee: No Certificate
  • Product number: 201109
The coin comes in a PVC capsule like all Perth Mint coins.

1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

* The delivered products may vary slightly from the picture shown.

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