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1 oz Red-Tailed Hawk Birds of Prey Silver Coin (2015)
Royal Canadian Mint

1 oz Red-Tailed Hawk Birds of Prey Silver Coin (2015)


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The 2015 Red-Tailed Hawk Silver Coin

The Red-Tailed Hawk is the third coin of a special four-part Bird of Prey series from the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM). Featuring a 99.99% silver purity, the 2015 Red-Tailed Hawk is one of the best value coins on the bullion market and boasts an impeccable design and promise a great return on investment for collectors.

Why buy Red-Tailed Hawk Coins

Silver coins are an excellent investment to diversify your portfolio and as part of a four-coin series, the Red-Tailed Hawk represents even greater value to investors and collectors. Made from 99.99% pure silver, the bird of prey bullion coin series boasts the highest fineness of silver in any investment coin on the bullion market and with a limited supply available are a rare collector's item.

Design of the 2015 Red-Tailed Hawk

The Red-Tailed Hawk has earned a reputation as a formidable hunter thanks to its agility and speed together with its extraordinary biodiversity that makes it both predator and prey. The life of this mesmerising bird is honoured by the Royal Canadian Mint as part of the astonishing Birds of Prey silver coin series, graced on the reverse with Emily Damastra's stunning image of the hawk swooping down to earth with its claws out ready to swoop up its prey. Also on the reverse side is confirmation that the 1oz coin contains a .9999 fineness of pure silver (ARDENT PUR) together with the artist's initials, ED. On the obverse side is the right-facing profile of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with her name around the upper rim together with the year of issue and the face value of 5 DOLLARS along the bottom.

History of Silver Red-Tailed Hawk Coins from the Royal Canadian Mint

The Red-Tailed Hawk is the third issue of a special four coin series celebrating the birds of prey in Canada. The Royal Canadian Mint launched the first coin of the series in 2014, initially with the Peregrine Falcon followed six months later by the Bald Eagle. The Red-Tailed Hawk is the third coin of the series and was released on the 29th January 2015.

Security of the Red-Hawk $5 silver coins

The Royal Canadian Mint go to great lengths to protect investors against counterfeit coins that invariably flood the market and given the Red-Tailed Hawk is a part of a special limited edition collection, they are more susceptible to fraud. Using the latest in advanced techniques and technologies, the bird of prey series is designed with extra security measures that makes it impossible for the coins to be counterfeited without being detected by experienced coin inspectors like the experts at CoinInvest.

Buying and selling silver coins

CoinInvest GmbH male it easy for you to buy and sell gold coins from all over the world. We trust that the design of our online shop is easy to navigate and purchase our great wealth of coins. If you are interested in buying the Red-Tailed hawk, simply update the number of coins you would like to purchase and add the order to your shopping basket by clicking on the orange strip to the right of the image above. All you have to do then is tell us the country to which you would like your order shipping and either proceed to check-out or continue shopping for other great deals.

We also buy used coins and are happy to hear from anybody with the 2015 Red-Tailed Hawk silver coins for sale. As a leading distributor of bullion coins in Europe, we offer highly competitive prices at current market value. All you have to do is contact a member of our staff with the details and we will confirm a limited period only offer by email or phone.

  • Country: Canada
  • Weight131.1035g
  • Series: Birds of Prey
  • Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
  • Mintage: 1000.000
  • Purity: 999.9/1000
  • Diameter, mm: 38.00
  • Face value: 5
  • Currency: Canadian Dollar
  • Product packaging: Sachet
  • Authenticity guarantee: No Certificate
  • Bulk packaging: 25 per tube, 500 per box
  • Product number: 204132

1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

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  • By , United Kingdom /Aug 14, 2019
    lovely coin excellent workmanship but would good to be supplied in coin cases
  • By , United Kingdom /Dec 14, 2015
    High mintage, low premium, in common with all the birds of prey series. Great pure bullion buy with potential collectable gains into the future. Worth bagging an example or 25 before they are all gone.