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Goldmark Gold Coins

Goldmark Gold Coins were issued in 2001 to commemorate the passing of Marks and the introduction of the Euro as Germany's legal currency in 2002. These exclusive gold coins have immense appeal to investors for their .9999 purity while collectors choose them for their iconic design and their comparative rarity. Goldmark Commemorative Gold Coins bear a design that is almost identical to the legal currency 1 DM coin that was still in circulation at the time of their issue. Only 1 Million One Goldmark coins were issued in total, with 200,000 allocated to each of the country's 5 leading mints. Collectors can select from one of the five mints or buy the complete set VAT Free at coininvest.

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1 Goldmark German Gold Coin

This 1 Deutsche Mark German gold coin, which was issued in 2001 in a limited edition, appealed greatly to collectors and investors. On 27 December 2000, a law given by the German government authorized the German Central Bank to issue this special commemorative coin in 2001.

But what does a 1 Deutsche Mark German gold coin commemorate? The answer is very simple: the passing of Germany from marks as a currency to the Euro currency. It is the end of an era, the era of the German mark, and in 2001 through the minting of this particular gold coin this change was celebrated.

The 1 Deutsche Mark German gold coin minted in 2001 was manufactured from 99.99 % pure gold. The weight of pure gold used in minting one coin is of 12 grams and there were used 12 tons of gold for producing these gold coins. Another characteristic is the diameter of 23.5 mm.

The design of a 1 Deutsche Mark German gold coin is almost the same with that of the circulating DM 1 coin, in order to remember people of the currency that was replaced by the Euro.

The obverse is a simple one, illustrating the inscription "1 DEUTSCHE MARK" and at the bottom of the 1 Deutsche Mark German gold coin is inscribed the minting year, 2001.

The reverse depicts the image of the German eagle, the same that was found on the cupro-nickel DM 1 coin. On the reverse is also illustrated the difference between the design of the two coins: instead of the inscription "Bundesrepublik Deutschland", on the gold coin is inscribed "DEUTSCHE BUNDESBANK" because it is the issuing authority of the commemorative gold coin. The mint mark is also inscribed at the bottom of the coin.

There were minted exactly one million gold coins to commemorate the retirement of the German mark in 2001. 5 different mints produced these coins, each with a partitioned number of 200,000 coins. The mints can be identified by looking on the reverse of a 1 Deutsche Mark German gold coin.

In our case, on the reverse of the coin displayed on our website is inscribed the letter "A" which means that this particular 1 Deutsche Mark German gold coin was minted in Berlin. Other mint marks inscribed on the reverse of these German gold coins issued in 2001 are: the letter "D" to indicate the Munich mint, the letter "F" suggests the mint in Stuttgart, "G" is for the Karlsruhe mint, and the last one is the Hamburg mint identified through the letter "J". The Goldmark we sell have different mint marks. If you are looking for a particular mint mark, please contact us in advance.

The change of a currency in a country is an important moment and the German government chose the perfect form for people to remember this passing; they chose to celebrate by issuing a gold coin, a 1 Deutsche Mark German gold coin in 2001 which became of high interest for collectors due to its limited number and to the one time occasion in which it was issued.