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The D word haunts everyone

Deflation is the scariest word! The FOMC statement last night managed somehow to avoid saying what surely should be what is on every member of the FOMCs' lips- DEFLATION. The recent Federal Reserve Bank regional surveys have shown that inflation is falling and quickly, and the recent Business surveys from ISM in the US have […]

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Distortions are all over the markets again- shows so many in the market really lack the conviction of their statements

And the risk markets are always hoping for Central Banks to intervene and to bail them out. This continues to look like a pyramid scheme. The latest optimism comes today from a Chinese press report suggesting that the Chinese will cut the Reserve Requirement Ratio in the coming weeks, ahead of most analysts expectations. It […]

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Central Banks are seemingly the saviour of the world's economy and financial markets

After Bernanke's speech at Jackson Hole where he highlighted the weakness of the US labour market in the Fed's failing of its dual mandate, Friday's very weak employment report has given rise to more speculation as to whether the FOMC on Thursday will announce a new large scale monetary easing. As I have argued before, […]

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