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Koala 1oz Silver Coin 2011 F

Koala 1oz Silver Coin 2011

Koala 1oz Silver Coin 2011 Characteristics Minted in 2011, the Koala 1oz silver coin 2011 is another bullion coin belonging to a series that started in 2007, an idea of the Perth Mint. Although this coin is legal tender in Australia, it is regarded as bullion coin destined to investors and numismatists. The Koala 1oz […]

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Koala 1kg Silver Coin 2011 F

Koala 1kg Silver Coin 2011

Koala 1kg Silver Coin 2011 Characteristics This article presents the new denomination that was introduced in 2011 to other smaller ones belonging to the Koala silver series, the Koala 1kg silver coin 2011. It is the largest size of the series and was also continued in 2012, with a different design as the Perth Mint […]

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Koala 10oz Silver Coin F

Koala 10oz Silver Coin

Koala 10oz Silver Coin Description The Koala 10oz silver coin was issued in 2012 by the Australian Perth Mint as a continuation of a series that appeared in the life of collectors and investors in 2007. It is also legal tender in the country of origin Australia. Other denominations available for the Koala 10oz silver […]

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