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Yet again the Fixed Income markets have been driven around more by sentiment and fear than by facts

The press is dominated by the timing of any reduction or cessation in the Fed's current policy of open ended Quantitative Easing. That means that when any FOMC member makes an appearance than the first reporter's question seems to be always as to when the  Fed will be "tapering" it's current policy. It was only […]

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The D word haunts everyone

Deflation is the scariest word! The FOMC statement last night managed somehow to avoid saying what surely should be what is on every member of the FOMCs' lips- DEFLATION. The recent Federal Reserve Bank regional surveys have shown that inflation is falling and quickly, and the recent Business surveys from ISM in the US have […]

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German 10 DM Silver Coin B 1987-1997

German 10 DM Silver Coin

German 10 DM Silver Coin Characteristics The German 10 DM silver coin was minted between 1987 and 1997 and the coin displayed on our website belongs to this last year of mintage. The idea behind the issuing of this coin by the German government was the commemoration of an anniversary: 100 years since the apparition […]

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