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Making sense of all that is driving the financial markets is certainly not easy at the moment

The equity markets "Christmas"  rally has been fuelled by the expectation of a deal to avert the US fiscal cliff and the imminent release of the next tranche of financial loans to Greece. Both of which to me seem little to cheer about. There should be a deal between the Republicans and the Democrats to […]

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Scrap Gold

Valuable Scrap Gold Scrap gold defines an array of objects made out of this precious metal like jewelries of any kind from rings, necklaces, and watches and watch cases. Other items classified under scrap gold are dental fillings, nuggets, bars, coins, and teeth. As you can see there are things that the majority of people […]

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Gold Price Chart

Usefulness for the Gold Price Chart When investing in gold it is of utter importance to consult a gold price chart which will basically show the evolution of the gold price for different periods of time. In general traders or investors or anyone who is interested in seeing how gold has evolved, can choose the […]

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