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Silver Coins

Invest in Silver Coins The two main categories in which silver coins are available are: commemorative coins and bullion coins. Therefore, when people want to sell silver which was minted in the form of coins they will either sell it to collectors in the case of commemorative coins or to investors if they are in […]

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krugerrand - kruegerrand - krügerrand


Krugerrand Description The Krugerrand was first minted in 1967 by South Africa in order to promote and increase their gold market. This South African gold coin weights exactly one troy ounce and has a purity of 91.67% gold which is the equivalent of 22 carats. The alloyed metal used in manufacturing this gold coin is […]

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Gold Panda China 2012 1oz

Gold Panda

Invest into the Gold Panda The Chinese Gold Panda has been minted beginning with the year 1982 and since then has had a different design every year, fact that is even today a big attraction for collectors and investors. There was only one exception for the edition from 2001 which obviously has raised some protests […]

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Coins for Investment When we are referring to this particular category which is the most sought after in our current days, we are talking mainly about coins made out of silver and gold. This type of investment, which represents the physical form of investing into precious metals like silver and gold, is a subject of […]

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full sovereign gold 2012


Sovereign Characteristics The more modern sovereign gold coins have been minted beginning with 1817. That was the year when the monetary reform decided that this British gold coin should replace the Guinea. The sovereign became legal in the United Kingdom with the face value of one pound sterling but in practice these gold coins are […]

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