5 Mexican Peso Gold Coins

5 Mexican Peso Gold Coins

5 Mexican Peso Gold Coins Description

As the majority of Mexican Peso gold coins, the 5 Mexican Peso gold coins were also minted in two different periods: between 1905 and 1920 and then an issue in 1955. From 1955 is also the gold coin displayed on our website.

The 5 Mexican Peso gold coins are bullion coins destined for investments, preferred by bulk investors due to their affordable price which derives from their small premium, but can also be considered commemorative coins since they have engraved the portrait of Miguel Hidalgo, who was also designated with the title Father of the Nation.

The 5 Mexican Peso gold coins were minted by the Mexican government in a purity of 90% (900/1000) the rest being allocated to the copper alloy and a diameter of 19 mm. The weight of pure gold is 3.75 grams or 0.1205 troy ounces of gold, the total weigh amounting to 4.1666.

5 Mexican Peso Gold Coins Design

The design of the 5 Mexican Peso gold coins is the same with that of other two denominations belonging to this beautiful series: the 2.5 Peso and the 10 Peso gold coins. Even though only the denomination and the minting year differ, these coins still have a particular charm.

The reverse of the 5 Mexican Peso gold coins illustrates the well-known portrait of priest Miguel Hidalgo, facing left. His portrait deserves to be depicted on a side of these coins because he died for the liberation of Mexico from the Spanish occupation in 1911. He was one of the people that put the basis of the revolution that transformed itself into the Mexican War of Independence. The inscription present is the face value of the coins CINCO PESOS and 1955 the minting year.

The obverse of the 5 Mexican Peso gold coins depicts the Mexican eagle standing on a cactus, which is an inspiration from the Mexican coat of arms. The sole inscription present on the head side of this coin is ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS, an inscription that symbolizes the gained Mexican liberty.

5 Mexican Peso Gold Coins Bulk Investment

The series regarding the Mexican gold coins with denominations of 2, 2.5, 5, 10, and 50 Peso can be a beautiful collection for every passionate numismatist. Presently, these coins including the 5 Mexican Peso gold coins are not appreciated at their true value taking into consideration their beauty and popularity.

The 5 Mexican Peso gold coins have only a small premium added to the gold spot price which makes them very affordable, even in the conditions when the price of gold is at its peak. Therefore, these coins are a wonderful investment for everyone from people that are not so familiar with the investment into precious metals to professional investors. Due to their small sizes and therefore their small price, the 5 Mexican Peso gold coins are easily purchased in a larger quantity.

Having 10% copper as an alloy into the manufacturing composition, the 5 Mexican Peso gold coins are well preserved, coming into the Brilliant Uncirculated condition, available on our website.

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