2011 Mountie Gold Coin

2011 Mountie Gold Coin New edition

Initially issued in 1997, the 2011 Mountie gold coin is a commemorative coin in the honor of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It is considered to be a special release, being issued as a bullion gold coin by the Canadian Mint with a face value of 200 CAD dollars. This gold coin it is sometimes called the 2011 1oz Canadian Gold Mountie Maple Leaf coin.

The 2011 Mountie gold coin has gained the title of being the purest gold coin worldwide having a purity of 24 carats which is the equivalent of 99.999% fineness. It weighs exactly one troy ounce of gold which is the equivalent of 31.10 grams of gold. This is a challenge that may not be too soon accepted by other countries so you should decide and invest into the 2011 Mountie gold coin.

So anyone trading the 2011 Mountie gold coin will gain one ounce of pure gold besides its remarkable beauty. It has a diameter of 30 mm and a 2.87 mm thickness.

Description of the 2011 Mountie Gold Coin

On the obverse of the 2011 Mountie gold coin it is depicted the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II which is the standard obverse for the Canadian gold coins. The majestic bust is facing right and is surrounded by six maple leaves, a symbol of Canada. On the obverse it is also written ELIZABETH II at the top and 200 DOLLARS 2011 at the bottom of the gold coins. The obverse bears the signature of being designed by Canadian portrait artist Susanna Blunt.

The reverse illustrates a Mountie carrying the Canadian flag on horseback. It is an obvious reverse since the 2011 Mountie gold coin commemorates the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The reverse also depicts six maple leaves and the words CANADA found above the Mountie riding at full gallop. At the bottom there is written FINE GOLD 1 OZ OR PUR.

2011 Mountie Gold Coin for Collectors and Investors

Unlike the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins, the Mountie gold coins are not issued every year, making their minting scarce, therefore the 2011 Mountie gold coin edition is very appreciated by both collectors and investors.

Another thing that appeals to collectors and investors is the fact that the 2011 Mountie gold coin is made of pure gold, as mentioned above it has 99.999% fineness. The scarce issuing of these gold coins combined with the highest purity found in a gold coin make this 2011 Mountie gold coin a rare piece for everyone. The reason is that at a peak demand its premium will increase making it a liquid and a profitable belonging.

If you are a collector that is passionate about coins characterized of scarce mintage or a collector that is in the search of Canadian gold coins, the 2011 Mountie gold coin is a great alternative to be added to your collection.

Investors that desire gold coins made of pure gold, without any alloy, in order to diversify their portfolio should consider trading the 2011 Mountie gold coin. These gold coins have their price established in accordance with the gold spot price which is announced daily by the global gold stocks. The 2011 Mountie gold coin has its price exempt of VAT and can be found on our website.

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