100 euro lubeck gold coin

100 EURO Lubeck Gold Coin

100 EURO Lubeck Gold Coin Characteristics

Lubeck is a German city that was recognized by UNESCO to belong to its World Heritage Sites list in 1987 and, twenty years later, in 2007 the German government minted the 100 Euro Lubeck gold coin in order to commemorate this event. It is not the only gold commemorative coin of this kind, the first one being minted in 2003.

The 100 Euro Lubeck gold coin belongs to the impressive series of 100 Euro gold coins minted in order to commemorate German cities recognized by UNESCO for their historic and cultural importance, being the fourth coin of this golden series. It has the same characteristics as all the coins belonging to this category. It was minted from 99.90% gold, otherwise said it was manufactured from pure gold, and it weighs 15.55 grams or 1/2 oz. This coin minted in 2007 also has a diameter of 28 mm.

100 EURO Lubeck Gold Coin Design

UNESCO WELTERBE HANSESTADT LUBECK is the inscription present on the obverse of the 100 Euro Lubeck gold coin. However, the most important part of the obverse is the engraver realized by Bodo Broschat. From this illustration, the depiction that is first noticed is the Holsten Gate, an imperial palace. Then come the two towers that represent St. Mary's Church and St. Peter's Church which was built in the 13th century. The rest of five towers represent the most important five religious places located in Lubeck.

The BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND is the minting authority of the 100 Euro Lubeck gold coin and it is inscribed on the reverse, at the bottom of the coin, together with the 2007 issuing year and the 100 EURO face value. All these inscriptions are placed under the symbol of Germany depicted by an eagle, which is surrounded by the 12 European stars.

Collect 100 EURO Lubeck Gold Coin

The five mints that issued the gold coins commemorating the German towns included on the UNESCO list are: Berlin corresponding letter A, Munich identified through the letter D, Stuttgart known through the F letter, Karlsruhe is announced through the letter G, and for Hamburg it was partitioned the letter J. When referring to the 100 Euro Lubeck gold coin, these German mints issued in 2007 330.000 gold coins. Demand was much more quantitative than this supply of German coins commemorating Lubeck, so we are talking about a scarce mintage that appealed to collectors worldwide.

What could determine individuals to invest into the 100 Euro Lubeck gold coin, and maybe not only in this particular gold bullion coin, is the fact that when it was issued, in 2007, its price was equal to approximately 285 Euro. It was determined by adding a premium to the gold price of that period. Nowadays, its value is established in the same way, the only difference is that the price of gold has increased so the overall price of this coin has increased.

The 100 Euro Lubeck gold coin minted in 2007, commemorating this beautiful Hanseatic city, is available on our website to investors and collectors.

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