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Gold Austrian Schilling

Gold Austrian Schilling

The Gold Austrian Schilling is one of the world's most important bullion coins. Issued by the prestigious Austrian Mint, the Schilling was the official currency of Austria from 1926, when it replaced the Austro-Hungarian Kronen. These elegant coins were struck until 1938 when the reintroduction of Austrian currency after World War II saw Gold Schillings replaced with paper money. Austrian Gold Schillings commemorate an extremely difficult period in European history and, somewhat surprisingly, most of the coins available today are extremely well preserved. Each coin was struck from 90% pure gold in denominations of 25 or 100 Schillings. The 100 Schilling coin had different design features from 1926-1934 and between 1935 and 1938 and mintages were very low – only 369,076 are currently known to exist, adding to their value for collectors and investors. In 1976, the Austrian Mint issued the 1000 Gold Schilling coin to celebrate 1000 years of the Babenberg Dynasty. It was the first time that the mint had produced a coin of such high value. Discover our entire range of historical and commemorative Austrian Gold Schillings and buy VAT Free with coininvest.com.

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