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Sign up now! – With MultiDisc and MultiCard

The MultiCard gold bars and the MultiDisc gold bars by Heraeus are particularly suitable for newcomers and as a present. The new quadratic format of the 1g bars is used exclusively for MultiDisc and MultiCard. And MultiDisc also offers a special extra. Thanks to the innovative packaging individual bars can be taken out and re-inserted without any damage to the disc. MultiDisc and MultiCard are available in the variations 10 x 1g, MultiCard is also available in the format 5 x 1g.

Kinebar® – new design and improved security

With Kinebar® Heraeus sets new standards with regards to security and design. Every Kinebar® offers a holographic Kinegram®, which gives the bar an extraordinary look and serves as an additional security feature in addition to the serial number and the certificate. The Kinegram® is transparent and when applied to the bar it changes its colour depending on the angle of the incidental light. Kinebars® are available in the sizes 1 g, 2 g, 5 g, 10 g, 20 g and 1 oz.

Private investors can obtain Heraeus precious metal bars only via intermediaries. Use this unique opportunity today to obtain this German quality product from us for a good price.
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