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Pagina inizialeAcquista i Prodotti della Zecca Scottsdale Mint

Acquista i Prodotti della Zecca Scottsdale Mint

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The Scottsdale Mint

Choose silver coins from the Scottsdale Mint at CoinInvest and you’ll receive some of the world’s most exceptional bullion products. The Mint is in Scottsdale, Arizona, deep in the heart of America’s South-West and at the edge of the Sonora Desert. It’s the same region where silver deposits were discovered in 1583. When Arizona was annexed by the US in 1853, it heralded the start of a 40-year silver boom that only lost momentum with the end of the Silver Dollar.
Although most mint’s in the region manufacture copper products today, the Scottsdale Mint made the unusual decision to concentrate on silver. It was an inspired decision, particularly as a gap was discovered in the bullion coin market for coins with special designs. Today, the mint manufactures silver and gold coins and bars that are sought after for their quality, workmanship and purity.

Unique Silver and Gold Coins from the Scottsdale Mint

The Licensing and Numismatic Division at the Scottsdale Mint produces some of the world’s most exciting and desirable collectible coins such as the Biblical Coin Series and the Relics of Egypt Series. It does not mint currency for the United States since all the country’s legal tender coinage is struck by the United States Mint. However, the Scottsdale Mint does work with several international reserve banks to produce Gold and Silver legal currency coins for their countries. Some of the most famous include the Iguana Series for the island of Fiji, the Cayman Islands Marlin Series and the Congo Silverback Gorilla Series.

Why choose Gold and Silver from the Scottsdale Mint?

The Scottsdale Mint is one of the most prestigious refiners in the world and its reputation for excellence is indisputable. Coins from the Scottsdale Mint are snapped up by collectors who value them for original and innovative design features and outstanding workmanship. Investors choose them for their purity and as a safe investment for extra capital. Plus, the Scottsdale Mint strives to protect the environment through ‘Green’ products which have been created from recycled rather than recently mined silver.

Popular Coins from the Scottsdale Mint include:

The Biblical Coin Series - one of the mint’s most famous collections. These .999 Silver Coins feature intricately detailed reverse designs based on Bible stories like Daniel in the Lion’s Den and the Last Supper.

Legal Currency Coins include:
The Congo Silverback Gorilla – featuring one of the world’s most iconic animals, this exciting coin series for the Republic of Congo is one of the Mint’s most popular.
The Fijian Iguana Series – the Polynesian island of Fiji is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including the Fijian Iguana. Species like the Banded Iguana and the Crested Iguana are immortalised on these stunning coins by the Scottsdale Mint.

Buy your Scottsdale Mint Silver and Gold today with

Discover the Scottsdale Mint’s most famous coins or look out for new releases like the 2017 Fiji Hokusai Great Wave Silver Coin, the first in a new Fijian series, with CoinInvest. Great choices for investors include the 5 oz Tombstone Nugget and the 2 oz Scottsdale Stacker Silver Round and all orders are securely packed and insured for rapid shipping.