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Acquista i Prodotti della Zecca Cinese

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In addition to the main offices in Shenzhen in the province of Gunadong the organisation also has sales agencies in Beijing and Shanghai with several sub-branches. China Great Wall Coin Investment Ltd. with its domicile in Hong Kong is responsible for international sales.

The most important coins of CGCI are the bullion coins of the Panda series. These have been issued since 1982 - back then still under the direct management of the People's Bank. The image on the reverse of the coin changes every year depicting one or several panda bears, while the obverse shows the Temple of Heaven in Beijing and the title "People's Republic of China" in simplified Chinese characters. The panda coins are very popular amongst investors. Thanks to their wide distribution and the different unitisation the coins also have an excellent resale value. The silver bullion coins of the Panda series are equally successful. In addition to the panda coins the CGCI issues above all commemorative coins with motifs depicting varied Chinese history.

In 2016, the panda coins were the first series of bullion coins in the world that were issued with weights in grams instead of the usual ounces. This change can probably be explained with the use of metric weights in China and its adjacent countries. For example in India, official agencies weigh precious metals in grams and kilograms. The most important exchange for precious metals in China, the Shanghai Gold Exchange, changed to issuing contracts in grams and kilograms on 01 April 2016.

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