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Why buy silver?

Silver investment is a smart way to hedge against inflation and you can choose from a wide range of VAT free coins at Silver has been used for trade and exchange purposes for thousands of years and, as economist Milton Freidman pointed out, the "major monetary metal throughout history is silver, not gold". In fact, the word for money is the same as the word for silver in over 90 languages including 'argent' in French, 'shekel' in Hebrew and 'plata' in Spanish. Like gold, silver is considered a safe haven for capital and will retain its value even in times of crisis. There has never been a better time to buy silver; it's an excellent way to diversify your stock portfolio and you can explore products from some of the world's most famous mints and refineries at

Bars or coins?

Whether you choose silver coins or silver bars are your primary form of silver investment is a matter of personal preference. Many buyers choose bars because they are easy to store and trade and this is also the form chosen by major banks for their bullion reserves. Bars are available in a variety of sizes ranging from those containing 1oz silver to 15,000g. Bars containing 1kg silver are often favoured by buyers looking for an efficient way to invest capital for longer periods while 5oz silver bars are an affordable option for new and established investors. Bars are available in two forms, cast or minted - cast bars are made using the traditional method of pouring molten metal into a mold while minted bars are stamped from a larger sheet of metal. Whichever you prefer, they will most likely be stamped with their weight and purity and sometimes with a mint mark or manufacturer's brand or logo. For example, Heraeus bars feature the famous Edelmetalle mark while the manufacturer's name is stamped boldly on bars produced by prestigious Belgian refiner, Umicore.

Silver bullion coins are preferred by many investors. Their unique designs make them highly collectable and often result in coins being traded for far more than their face value. Limited mintages and unique series like the Silver Lunar coins produced by the UK's Royal Mint and the Perth Mint in Australia. 1oz coins are the most widely known - each contains a troy ounce of metal and many buyers choose them as a more affordable alternative to gold. However, these exceptional products come in a wide range of sizes and denominations ranging from fractional coins to magnificent pieces containing 1kg and 5kg silver. We stock some of the world's famous bullion coins such as the silver Britannia from the Umicore and the Canadian Silver Maple. Invest in the superb Silver Koala coin from Australia's Perth Mint in products that contain from 1/2oz to 10oz and 1kg silver. 1oz silver coins are a great way to introduce younger family members to the exciting world of silver bullion trading and you can browse some of the most attractive and unusual coins at Buy Britannia CGT free or increase your profit potential with VAT free coins. Choosing Britannia CGT free means that should you decide to trade your coins in the future, you won't be required to pay tax on your profit.

Silver products are in high demand and we feature a wide range of exclusive bars and coins as well as affordable silver bullion for investors and collectors at We ship all orders promptly and you can shop for outstanding products like the Silver Britannia, the Silver Maple, Silver Koala or Silver Lunar Series at your leisure. We only deal with LBMA approved manufacturers and we stock products from some of the world's most famous brands like Umicore and Heraeus. Take a look at today and see how you can diversify with silver.

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Silver - The Most Popular Form of Investment

Despite fluctuating currency rates, the precious metal is and remains a form of investment that also retains or even increases its value during economic crises. In contrast to paper money, bank accounts and securities, it represents a real asset. This is especially the case for metal held in the private sector. The highest price to date for the silver exchange rate was $ 49.45 in January 1980. The price of silver then fell until 2003 and rose again until 2011 to $48.47. Since then, the rate has been showing a general downward movement. Just the right time to make a cost-effective investment and profit from the next upward trend.

As forms of investment, silver bars in particular are available in different sizes, as are investment coins. Silver coins have the advantage that in the case of selling silver, an increase in value above the pure silver value can also be achieved. This is due to the collectors’ value of some rare coins or series that are reissued each year.

You can buy silver from us in these valuable forms, e.g. the American Eagle, a classic investment coin from the USA. The Vienna Philharmonic and the Australian Kookaburra are also very popular, as is the Australian Lunar Series, which is reworked every year to show a very attractive form motif from the Chinese lunar calendar. While Sterling Silver 925 has a fine content of 925 per thousand, our investment coins usually have a silver content of 99.99% and in many cases are also legal tender in the respective country of issue.

Another very interesting way to buy silver is the acquisition of bars. Our silver bars are products of renowned manufacturers such as Heraeus or Umicore. You can buy silver bars in denominations of 1 oz (31.1 grams), 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilograms, 5 kilograms and 15 kilograms. So the right size is available to suit every investment need! Silver bars up to a weight of 50 grams are usually minted, 100 grams are moulded. The new combibars, from which smaller pieces of one gram can be separated, are also both fascinating and practical. Silver bars are usually produced with a high fine content of 99.99%.

Whether as an investment or gift - silver coins and silver bars are always a good buy!

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