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Kiwi Silver Coins

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Kiwi Bullion: Adorable Silver Coins

For collectors with a fine taste in exquisite coin design and high standards of production, there could hardly be a better choice of silver bullion than the New Zealand Mint’s uncirculated Kiwi coins. These adorable coins have set a benchmark for collective value thanks to their high purity, outstanding quality, striking theme and sublime design.

Buying Kiwi coins

Buying New Zealand Kiwi silver bullion coins couldn’t be easier with CoinInvest. Simply click on the image above to take you through the product page and add the number of coins you wish to purchase to your shopping cart.

It should be noted that the denomination of $1 on the coins is the New Zealand currency and not the actual face value of the coin. In the current economic climate the Kiwi coin is much more valuable.

Silver Kiwi: Representing New Zealand’s Brilliance And Natural Beauty

The New Zealand Mint Silver Kiwi coins have great numismatic interest, owed to the yearly-changing motifs and extremely low mintages. As a result, investors are blessed with an irresistible cocktail of beauty, rarity and product value.

Silver Kiwis are issued in limited editions to celebrate the kiwi, New Zealand’s most loved native icon and the emblem of the country. Originally issued in 2006, the Silver Kiwi bullion coin featured an image of the brown kiwi the most common of the Kiwi family to inhabit New Zealand. A total of only 3,000 of these coins were minted.

The 2007 Kiwi silver bullion coin presents the spotted kiwi, and a total of 4,401 coins were struck. Next year camethe Haast tokoek kiwi with no more than 300-350 of the animals remaining in the country; 8,000 silver bullion coins were produced.

In 2009, a three-year series was initiated. The Silver Kiwi Icons of New Zealand series featured exquisite depictions of kiwis together with a map of New Zealand (2009/12,500 pcs), the South Cross (2010/12,500 pcs), and the silver Fern (2011/10,000 pcs). The designs of the coins are unbelievably charismatic, with a deep inner circle embracing the Kiwi motif.

The three-year Silver Kiwi Treasures series that followed is where things were starting to become unreal: kiwi images are raised and polished, other motifs are frosted, and semi-circle lines set the boundaries of finishes, surfaces and mirror-like backgrounds.

The wonderful 2012 New Zealand kōwhai flower (13,500 pcs), the impressive 2013Tane Mahuta Silver Kiwi (13,500), together with the unsurpassable 2014 Mitre Peak Silver Kiwi in 3D relief, (5,000 pcs) comprise the latest - and perhaps most impressive - series of these amazing coins.

You can see how dazzlingly beautiful silver Kiwis are just by looking at a YouTube presentation, but it is still difficult to grasp the gravity of these coins, the boldness of their limited edition and the vision of their production.

Kiwi silver coin description

One ounce Silver Kiwi bullion uncirculated coins are 40mm in diameter, 3mm thick, they are crafted from fine 0.999 silver, weigh 31.1 grams and have a nominal value of NZ$ 1 as they are legal tender in New Zealand.

The obverse of the New Zealand Kiwi 1oz silver coin illustrates the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by British sculptor and engraver Ian Rank-Broadley. The artist’s initials are also engraved under the neck of Her Majesty. We find the inscriptions NEW ZEALAND, the minting year, and ELIZABETH II.

On the reverse side of Silver Kiwis, we find a depiction of the famous symbol of the country, the adorable kiwi. It is without fail a design beautiful in harmonious complexity. The theme is supplemented by indigenous New Zealand flora, such as the impressiveTāne Mahuta, a giant kauri tree in the Waipoua Forest of Northland Region, New Zealand or glorious landscapes, such as the Mitre Peak, an iconic mountain that sits on the shore of Milford Sound in the South Island of New Zealand. The only inscription found on the reverse of the New Zealand Kiwi 1oz silver coins is the denomination (ONE DOLLAR or $1).

The production of the Kiwi silver coins

The New Zealand Mint, located in Auckland, has been minting legal tender commemorative coins, bullion and medallions since 1967 and is the only privately owned mint in New Zealand, purchasing refined gold from international sources to produce coins.

The company trades in precious metals including gold bullion in association with New Zealand Post. Using the tagline "Minters of the South Pacific," the New Zealand Mint produces coins for a variety of island nations, including Fiji, the Cook Islands, Tuvalu and Niue.

Leading the way with innovative design on both silver and gold commemorative, collector and bullion coins, the New Zealand Mint is known worldwide for quality and design excellence. Creative packaging also helps make New Zealand Mint coins great for gifts or timeless collectibles.

The New Zealand Mint Quality Assurance

Based on a continuous improvement process, the production, inspection and security systems are permanently tested and developed. The complexity of the design and the perfection of the relief of Silver Kiwis, far from being an exhibition of manufacturing acrobatics, most certainly make up the best safety mechanism against counterfeit copies. Experienced dealers are aware of the exact specifications of these coins and are able to detect fraud in second’s time.

All meticulously crafted from fine 0.999 silver, Silver Kiwi coins are indeed an informed collector’s dream, and would make an elegant presentation piece for any occasion. They could also serve as a superb and timeless gift for beloved coin enthusiasts, young and old.

Selling Kiwi Silver Coins

If you have any silver Kiwi coins for sale, do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly sales team. CoinInvest GmbH are a leading retailer of gold and silver bullion in Europe and offer excellent rates on New Zealand Kiwi coins. We also confirm a fixed price our offer by email to allow you time to decide.