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Biblical Silver Coins

The Scottsdale Mint's Biblical silver coin series for the Pacific island nation of Niue is ideal for all buyers. The series is unusual in some respects; launched in 2015, each coin is struck from two ounces of .999 pure silver rather than the traditional one ounce and six new designs are released each year. Silver content and purity combined with strictly limited mintages of just 1,499 per design has ensured that these striking high relief silver coins are as popular with investors as they are with collectors.

Each coin begins as a rimless blank to mimic authentic Biblical coinage. Reverse designs inspired by the Bible's most compelling tales are based on the artwork of Gustave Dore. To date, the Biblical silver coin collection has included The Last Supper, Adam & Eve, Daniel in the Lion's Den and many more. The obverse carries a right facing profile of HM Queen Elizabeth II rather than the typical forward-facing image used on most Commonwealth coins. Discover the complete series of silver Biblical coins for yourself at

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