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5 Kilo Silver Bar | different manufacturers
5 Kilo Silver Bar | different manufacturers

5 Kilo Silver Bar | different manufacturers

[{"range":"1 - 5","min":1,"max":5,"sell_netto_price":2879.55,"sell_brutto_price":3426.6600000000003,"sell_netto_price_html":"US$2,879.55","sell_brutto_price_html":"US$3,426.66"},{"range":"6 - 10","min":"6","max":10,"sell_netto_price":2875.3968750000004,"sell_brutto_price":3421.7268750000003,"sell_netto_price_html":"US$2,875.40","sell_brutto_price_html":"US$3,421.73"},{"range":"11 - 25","min":"11","max":25,"sell_netto_price":2871.24375,"sell_brutto_price":3416.78375,"sell_netto_price_html":"US$2,871.24","sell_brutto_price_html":"US$3,416.78"},{"range":"26 - 100","min":"26","max":100,"sell_netto_price":2867.0906250000003,"sell_brutto_price":3411.8406250000003,"sell_netto_price_html":"US$2,867.09","sell_brutto_price_html":"US$3,411.84"},{"range":"101 +","min":"101","max":99999999,"sell_netto_price":2862.9375,"sell_brutto_price":3406.8975,"sell_netto_price_html":"US$2,862.94","sell_brutto_price_html":"US$3,406.90"}]

Price per item Gross / Net:
/ US$2,879.55
Gross Price includes 19% VAT, excl. Shipping
Volume pricing starts from US$3,406.90 hide
Quantity Gross Price Net Price
1 - 5 US$3,426.66 US$2,879.55
6 - 10 US$3,421.73 US$2,875.40
11 - 25 US$3,416.78 US$2,871.24
26 - 100 US$3,411.84 US$2,867.09
101 + US$3,406.90 US$2,862.94
In stock: Immediate shipment upon receipt of payment. Limited quantity!
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Please be advised that the photo serves just as an example. We reserve the right to supply similar products from recognised manufacturers, such as, Heraeus, Umicore/Degussa and UBS. However, all silver bars have been inspected and have a fineness of 999/1000. Certificates are not always available.

  • Weight15000g
  • Purity: 999/1000
  • Product number: 40009
If you would like to receive a bar from a specific manufacturer, please get in touch with us beforehand.

1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

* The delivered products may vary slightly from the picture shown.

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