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Silver Bars

Silver Bars

Silver bars are the most common form of investment for larger amount of physical silver, and are produced by numerous manufacturers. Those who want to buy silver bars to diversify their portfolio are spoilt for choice, because there are numerous different unitizations for every individual investment purpose that are different with regards to both value and production method. Whilst smaller units (1 ounce, 50 grams) are usually minted, silver bars starting with a weight of 100 grams are simply cast. All silver bars that can be acquired from CoinInvest come from LBMA certified mints such as Heraeus or Umicore.

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Silver has always been very attractive, and people have therefore used it as a means of payment for thousands of years as it holds its value. Due to the advancing modernisation in the middle of the 19th century silver lost its significance as an industrial raw material. Silver, however, remained an important investment metal, and has proven itself again and again in times of economic crises.

When buying silver in the form of bars the focus is on the sheer value of the material, because it is very rare to be able to acquire coins that are struck with motifs for special editions, for which a surcharge is payable. Generally bars show information on weight and level of purity and the coining stamp of the producer. Only an LBMA certificate guarantees that you acquire a top quality bar. The acquisition of certified bars also guarantees the resale value on the secondary market. One must also note that the agio influencing the price of the silver bar is reduced the higher the weight of the bar is; this means the bigger the silver bar is (the biggest bars have a weight of 15 kilograms),the closer they are traded to the spot price silver.

Apart from classical forms of bars there are other so-called Silver CombiBars consisting of many small silver bars with a lower weight which can be separated at a predetermined breaking line and used as a nest egg in times of crisis. The investment in silver coins, which are also available in different unitisations, is more popular amongst private investors. Units of 1 ounce like the 1 oz Silver Britannia or the 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf, which can easily be sold again, are particularly popular. To keep the agio as low as possible there is the option to invest in 10 oz and 1 kg coins, which are relatively cheaper thanks to the lower minting expenditure. 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz pieces round up the portfolio and are particularly useful in times of crisis thanks to their corresponding nominal value.

If you want to sell silver bars, you have come to the right place. Purchasing silver bars is one of our daily business transactions and can be completed quickly and without complications. It would be a pleasure for us to provide information about all details of the sales process by e-mail or phone on +44 (0) 20 369 50 335.