How safe is a safe?

These clever safes look just like the real thing because they were made from original, authentic containers. Diversion safes are ideal as temporary storage for smaller quantities of bullion coins, jewellery or other valuable items. Although you may keep your valuables in a bank or storage facility in the long term, it’s almost certain that you take a few prized pieces out from time to time. A good safe like those we offer at is a smart alternative to a drawer or closet. It’s hard to spot when stored with similar cans and only you will know exactly where and what it is.

Keep your Precious Metal Safe

Keep your Precious Metal Safe

A diversion safe is a great way to conceal gold and silver coins while you’re at home or travelling. Designed to mimic everyday items like a can of baked beans or a popular drink, can-style diversion safes are difficult to spot when stored alongside the real thing. You’ll find a selection of safes at CoinInvest that have been designed to offer better security by blending in. While diversion safes are widely used and well-known, most burglars would not think to search through ordinary household containers. Safes are a smart solution when travelling too. Nobody looks twice at drinks cans and you can leave them in plain sight without fear of them being noticed.

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All our safes are made with care and attention to detail from original containers. A seamless screw-off lid or base allows you to place silver or gold coins, jewellery, combi-bars or other items in the cavity. Once you replace the lid, the join is impossible to see. Choose your safe from the great range at or browse our extensive selection of clever accessories for bullion coins and bars.