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The Belgian group Umicore is one of the largest precious metal producers worldwide and one of the market leaders in the production and processing of precious metals and recycled metals.

History of Umicore

Today's major group Umicore, with head offices in Belgium, has its origin in the Belgian mining company Union Miniére, which was formed in 1909. Eighty years later the state-owned corporation merged with another two mining companies to become a large and important metal producer with a focus on metal and material production. The company adopted its current name Umicore in 2000, and began to specialise more and more in the production of special precious metals and materials in the areas of chemistry, metallurgy and material science. This specialisation was further extended with the takeover of the precious metal branch of former Degussa AG. The head office of former Degussa AG stayed in Hanau in Germany until the end of 2009, and was finally moved to Hoboken in Belgium. However, there are still some Umicore branches in different German cities, such as for example Allgemeine Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG in Pforzheim or Umicore Galvanotechnik GmbH in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Umicore today

Umicore quickly established itself on the international market, and today it is one of the leading metal groups. Umicore is a supplier in high demand in the jewellery industry and the automobile and construction material production industry, as it produces specialist materials and metals, such as for example cobalt, germanium, zinc, nickel, gold, silver and platinum.

Umicore Gold

Investors know Umicore above all for the production of gold and silver bars. Umicore took over this production branch of former Degussa AG in 2000, and until the end of 2005 Umicore imprinted the gold bars with the well-known logo of Degussa AG. After the licence agreement had terminated, the production of precious metal bars continued exclusively with the company logo of Umicore imprinted. The form and dimensions of the bars remained unchanged. Today, Umicore produces gold bars and silver bars in sizes from 1 g to 100 g, and bars in the sizes from 250 g to 1 kg are only produced using the casting process.

Umicore coin bars

Since 2010 Umicore has produced silver bars with an imprinted nominal. The so-called coin bars are accepted as an official means of payment of the imprinted issuing country, even though they are hardly ever found in normal wallets. The Umicore coin bars are made from 999 refined silver, and are cast in sizes from 250 g up to 15 kg; they are marked with the embossing stamp with the mint marks of Andorra and a weight-dependent nominal.

Umicore products

Umicore gold and silver bars are very popular amongst private investors, but bars in smaller sizes are also gifts frequently bought for important and large events. What about a 250 g Umicore silver bar for graduation? You will definitely find your suitable Umicore bar at CoinInvest, be it as a present or an investment. Find out more information about other items from Umicore in our online shop. Do not hesitate to contact our staff by e-mail or telephone should you have any questions.


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