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Since man discovered gold in Ancient times it has been valued for its beauty and purity. It is the world's oldest form of currency and had been used for trade and investment purposes for centuries. Today, gold is chosen by investors and collectors who want a commodity that is less prone to the effects of inflation or who simply want to add diversity to stock portfolios. is a leading purveyor of precious metals, bullion coins and bars. We are a trusted partner of many of the world's most famous mints and refiners and our ability to source unique products or buy in bulk allows us to offer the best gold investment opportunities to our customers.

Often, investors ask whether coins or gold bars are the better investment. In short, it's really a matter of personal preference since gold is valued by the ounce whatever form it takes. You can explore a diverse selection of fine gold coins and bars from some of the world's most famous mints at No VAT is payable on coins with a minimum purity of 90% or 99.5% for bars, further adding to their appeal for investors. We stock some of the most famous collector's coins in the world, many of which are valued for their unique designs and fineness such as the Lunar Series from the British Royal Mint and the Australian Lunar Series from the Perth Mint. Sovereigns and Britannia coins are universally popular and easy to trade, and exemption from CGT (for Britannia and Sovereign) means that there is no tax to pay on any profit you make when selling. Gold Sovereigns and Gold Britannia coins are true classics that will always increase in value so they're a great investment option for both new and established collectors and traders.

Coins come in a wide range of sizes and denominations - from the highly popular 1 oz to fractional weights like the 1/10th of an ounce. 1oz coins are ideal for collectors who want to be able to show the intricate detail and design to its best advantage while fractional coins are an affordable alternative to larger denominations and a great gift idea. While most coins are minted in troy ounces, the Gold China Panda was issued as a metric coin for the first time in 2016. Bars are more likely to be produced in accordance with the metric system and are typically made from finest .9999 (24 carat gold). Plus all bars or ingots featured at are from LBMA approved refiners. Weights range from the popular 100g and 20g to the 12.5kg (400oz) bar that is the preferred choice for bank gold reserves. Bars are embossed with the mint mark, their weight and fineness and some, like the Heraeus gold bullion bar are stamped with a hologram as a unique security feature.

Whether you enjoy striking coins like the Maple Leaf from the Royal Canadian Mint or whether you are interested in investing in prestigious products like Heraeus gold bullion bars you are assured of the most competitive prices at Take advantage of the exemption from CGT (for Britannia and Sovereign) to shop for the classics or browse new releases as they come on to the market. All orders are dispatched quickly and we offer a wide range of complementary products to enable you to get the most from your gold coins and bars.

Buy Gold Online

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