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Sovereign Elizabeth II Gold | 2014
The Royal Mint

Sovereign Elizabeth II Gold | 2014


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The 2014 Queen Elizabeth II, Gold Full Sovereign

The 2014 British Gold Sovereign remains the flagship coin of the Royal Mint, a coin of distinction, elegance and historical significance. The 2014 issue is a brilliant combination of exquisite traditional manufacturing, legendary design, and globally recognised investment value. Boasting a gold content of 22 karat gold and enhanced by the RM's brilliant finish, the Full Sovereign coin represents an excellent investment.

Why buy new 2014 Queen Elizabeth II Gold Full Sovereigns?

Each year investors, collectors and gold connoisseurs alike are keen to secure the Sovereign, a coin of renowned excellence that is guaranteed to satisfy interest from around the world. The 2014 Gold Sovereign uncirculated bullion coins in 22 carat gold remain in the highest demand and speak of that same quality and desirability, being equally sought after and admired.
This is a simply glorious coin, a solid vessel of investment with significant numismatic and commemorative value and the most refined addition to any coin collection. As a token of your good taste, the 2014 Queen Elizabeth II Sovereign is a truly exclusive way to make a gift of gold that will be immensely appreciated.


2014 Queen Elizabeth II Full Sovereigns have a gold fineness of 22 carats (91⅔%), they weigh 7.98g , they are 22.05 mm in diameter and 1.56 mm thick.

On the obverse, the coin features the Queen's 1998 portrait by sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley whose initials appear under Her Majesty's head. It is a fine, rather bold, but well-balanced depiction of a mature Queen Elizabeth, The Queen is not wearing a crown; but the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara given to her as a wedding present by Queen Mary, her grandmother. Inscribed in Latin we find the legend "ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REGINA FID DEF", meaning "Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, Queen-Defender of the Faith".
Benedetto Pistrucci's recently modified rendition of St George slaying the evil dragon adorns the reverse side, while the date of issue is inscribed at the bottom. 2014 Sovereigns have a grained milled edge on both sides.


Exactly 100 years ago, the Gold Sovereign was in its prime. Great Britain was thriving as an Empire, and the circulating gold coinage was a source of great pride with a reputation for unsurpassed excellence and quality.
Since then, little has changed, and only for the better: the 2014 Sovereign is still struck in the same 22 karat crown gold alloy, and it still features the classic St George and the dragon design that graced its reverse a century ago.
The Sovereign of 1914 bore the portrait of Elizabeth's grandfather, King George V. But gold was needed at the outbreak of the Great War, to finance the country's war effort. Liberal politician and statesman Lloyd George, a highly energetic Prime Minister of the Wartime Coalition Government (1916–22), appealed against the hoarding of gold, and posters urged the citizens to give up their Sovereigns.
But demand for the coin did not waver, and from 1957, Britain's iconic gold pound coins were struck once more regularly to satisfy sharp collectors and savvy investors who liked to secure their wealth in the yellow metal, this time bearing portraits of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.


Minted to the high-quality and specific dimension using the latest technologies, the 2014 Gold Sovereign offers high security measure to protect investors and only leave the Royal Mint after careful inspection and quality control. Not even the widespread production of high quality copies in India and the Middle East could pass without detection.

Buying and Selling Gold Queen Elizabeth II Full Sovereign coins

As a leading distributor of gold bullion products, CoinInvest buy and sell 2014 Queen Elizabeth II Full Sovereigns at highly competitive rates. All our coins come directly from the Royal Mint, and you can purchase 2014 Sovereigns in tubes of 25 or single coins for your collection.
To purchase any number of coins, add to your basket by clicking on the orange strip in the volume pricing section. We will promptly process your order, but you should allow at least 10 working days for delivery as some bank transfers do not reach us for up to seven working days depending on your bank and country of residence.

If you have any 2014 Queen Elizabeth II Sovereigns coins for sale, you are welcome to come in contact with a member of our friendly staff who will discuss a price with you and prepare a fixed fee offer for a limited time only. We will send you confirmation of the offer by email.

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Weight17.32g
  • Series: Sovereign
  • Mint: The Royal Mint
  • Purity: 917/1000
  • Diameter, mm: 22.05
  • Thickness, mm: 1.60
  • Face value: 1
  • Currency: British Pound
  • Product packaging: Sachet
  • Bulk packaging: 25 per tube, 500 per box
  • Authenticity guarantee: No Certificate
  • Product number: 10925

1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

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