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Chilean Peso Gold Coins

Chilean Peso Gold Coins

Chilean Peso Gold Coins are very much in demand thanks in part to their random dates of issue since 1975. Current Gold Pesos have been in circulation since 1975 but were not minted every year due to the country's economic instability under the Pinochet regime.  Previous historical Pesos were minted between 1817 and 1960. These unique Peso gold coins combine fine gold with beautiful design features that recall the history and tradition of Chile. A great choice for investors and collectors, rare Chilean Peso Gold Coins are VAT Free at

Peso: The Historical Chilean Coin

The Chilean peso is a unique and much sought after bullion due to the random dates available since 1975. The pesos iconic and historical value has great importance amongst collectors, particularly given the recent history of Chile under the Pinochet era where many people went missing and still have not been found. The Chilean peso bullion coins remember this tragic period of history.

Buying Chilean Peso coins

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Chilean Peso: intriguing origin, delightful design

Chilean Gold pesos are highly valued investment bullion coins issued by the Chilean government since its foundation in 1818. Actually, the first Chilean peso, which was not made from gold, was introduced in 1817, at a value of 8 Spanish colonial reales, changing in denominations and materials over the next five decades. Then, in 1885 a gold standard was adopted- aligning the peso to the British pound. Since Chile formed its own national government it has had an interesting monetary history with long periods of high inflation mixed with a few periods of stability. The current peso has circulated since 1975, with a previous gold version circulating between 1817 and 1960.
In 1860, 1 peso Chilean gold coins were officially introduced and were issued to a different gold standard to that of France, with 1 peso containing 1.37 grams of gold, pegging the peso to a parity rate with the British pound at 13⅓ pesos per pound sterling. A new gold coinage was introduced in 1895, reflecting the lower gold standard, with coins for 2, 5, 10 and 20 pesos, although this was further reduced in 1926 to 1 peso equaling 6 pence.
From 1925, coins and banknotes were denominated in cóndores, worth 10 pesos. A final gold coinage was introduced in 1926, in denominations of 20, 50 and 100 pesos. The gold standard was suspended in 1932 and the peso's value fell even further. First in Spain's priorities after conquering much of South America was to acquire gold. Chile therefore has produced a variety of gold coins for a long period of time, making an interesting subject for the collector of gold coins.
The coins are of excellent manufacturing quality bearing marvelous refreshing designs of the colonial neo-classical and art-nouveau style. They usually feature .900 purity and comparatively low mintage.

Chilean Peso Design

Technical specifications vary according to denomination, purity and year of issue, so a close check should be made for individual coins. The 100 peso 90% gold coin is 31.12 mm in diameter, it is 2.50 mm thick and weighs 20.3337 g.
On the obverse side we find different head portraits of a female wearing a hat, or most commonly laurel leaves as part of her hairdo, and referred to as Liberty, representing the Republic. The woman is draped in a Greco-Roman style dress, adorned with the Chilean star on the shoulder. Inscribed we find the words REPUBLICA DE CHILE and the date of issue.
On the reverse we see a shield with a five pointed star adorned by a plume of feathers, supported on either side by two animals found in Chile, the Condor and the Huemul. Both animals are crowned with the navy's golden crown to distinguish the heroism of the Chilean Navy. The Coat of Arms sits on a luscious ribbon or laurel wreath below. Inscribed we find the denomination in pesos and condors. To the right is a rather peculiar "Sa" monogram, being the mintmark for the Santiago de Chile mint.

The production of the Chilean Peso

Casa de Moneda de Chile or simply La Moneda was originally a colonial mint designed by Italian architect Joaquín Toesca. Formed on October 1, 1743 by Royal Charter of Philip V. it was an initiative of Francisco García Huidobro who proposed the creation of an installation to mint coins in Chile.
The mint's activities were governed by royal order of June 9, 1720, the same that was used by the rest of the mints of America. In 1749 a gold coin with the image of King Ferdando VI of Spain was the first piece that was coined on half an ounce of gold in the workshops of Mint Chile, In August 1770 and by royal decree of Charles III the crown assumed operation and ownership of the Mint.

Santiago Mint Quality Assurance

Casa de Moneda de Chile S.A., or otherwise the Chilean Mint and Securities Printing House is a corporation owned by the State, from 2009, is carrying out a strategic plan of renovation to become a regional leader. Thus, it has been enhanced as a modern, safe and efficient company that provides products of the highest quality in the national and international market without losing its historical prestige. In addition to banknotes, coins and medals, the Santiago Mint produces all kinds of valued documents, such as drivers' licenses, stamps, clear plates and passports.
Casa de Moneda de Chile S.A. is a government-owned corporation which has undertaken a strategic renovation plan since 2009 to ensure a leading role in the securities printing market. The company's strategy has focused on a new infrastructure developing its potential as a modern, safe and efficiently-run company, and has deployed an investment plan to incorporate a line with the most modern equipment available today, offering products of the highest quality for both national and international markets and thereby echoing its underlying values: Quality, Security and Trust.

Selling Chilean Peso coins

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