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Gold Peruvian Soles

Gold Peruvian Soles

Peruvian Gold Soles are among the most beautiful classic coins on the market; they are of equal interest to collectors and investors thanks to their exquisite design features, scarcity, historical value and gold content.

These exceedingly rare commemorative coins were typically issued in very low numbers between 1950 and 1970. For example, only three years saw mintages of over 10,000 of the 100 Soles Gold Coin and in some years only 1,000 were issued. The highest mintage of 100 Gold Soles Coins was in 1965 to commemorate 400 years of the Lima Mint - yet still only 27,000 coins were issued. We are pleased to stock various denominations including 100 and 50 Soles from mixed years.

Rare coins of this calibre are a must for collectors and represent a great opportunity for investors to increase the value of their portfolios.