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Mountie Gold Coins: The Highest Purity Coins Ever!

The Royal Canadian Mint has an illustrious history of innovation in the bullion industry and raised the bar again with the 2011 Canadian Mountie Gold Coin. Boasting a .99999 gold purity, the Canadian Mountie honours the chivalry of the country's famous Mounted Police with the highest fineness of gold ever made in a bullion coin. Considering the low mintage, the one troy ounce weight and exceptional purity, the special edition Mountie Gold Coins represent one of the best bullion investments available. With a limited number of coins in circulation these rare collector's items promise to make investors handsome profits.

Buying Canadian Mountie Gold Coins

The “Mounted Police" Canadian Mountie gold coin is available to purchase from the CoinInvest website, but with limited numbers available we urge you to act fast before you miss the opportunity. To purchase click on the coin above to take you through to the product description page where you can add your investment to your shopping cart.

Gold Mountie: In Honour of Mounted Police

The Canadian Mountie is a special edition gold coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM). It is the only gold coin issued by a government owned refinery to contain .99999 purity the highest fineness it is possible to achieve in gold bullion coins.

The gold Mountie bullion coin was originally introduced in 1993 to commemorate the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but the iconic image of a police constable on horseback first appeared on the one dollar and 25 cent coins in 1973.

The 2011 edition is one of a kind, so rare they are considered by some investors as unicorns. Although the Mountie coins are classed as part of the Maple Leaf family, the one-off design gives them a unique distinction from other coins in the Royal Canadian Mint collection.

The Royal Canadian Mint first produced gold bullion coins for private investment in 1979 to help fill the demand in the market. At the time only a handful of Mints were producing investment coins, most significantly the South African Krugerrand which had a 90% share of the market.

With the introduction of the Maple Leaf however, the Royal Canadian Mint raised the bar of bullion coin production. Krugerrand's only contained a purity of 91.67% whereas the Maple Leaf's boasted a 95% fineness. This was improved to 99.9% in 1999 and to 99.99% in 2008. But with a purity of 99.999%, the 2011 Canadian Mountie surpasses them all!

Canadian Mountie description

The Canadian Mountie gold coin is distinguished by the unique design of a Mounted Policeman riding a horse in full gallop and carrying the Canadian flag. The image is surrounded by a 12-sided border. Along the top edge is the country of origin and the weight of one ounce pure gold is inscribed along the bottom.

On the obverse side is the familiar profile of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Susan Blunt. The year of issue and the face value of £200 Canadian dollars (CAD) are also engraved on the obverse side. However, it should be noted that the face value of these coins does not represent the actual value – in the current economic climate, the 2011 gold Mountie is far more valuable.

The production of Gold Canadian Mounties

The Royal Canadian Mint has a global reputation as one of the finest producers of gold bullion gold in the world. Since 1979, the refinery has consistently proven to be an innovator in the manufacturing of coins and is an undisputed leader in the bullion market.

The 2011 once ounce gold Mountie is no exception. Using the latest engineering techniques, these coins are produced to the highest degrees of manufacturing and include precise weights and purity which provides investors with security.

Royal Canadian Mint Quality Assurance

The Mounted Police gold Mountie coins are made to precise measurements and contain an unrivalled 99.999% purity that simply cannot be forged without escaping the notice of experienced dealers like the experts of CoinInvest.

Historically, the Royal Canadian Mint has a long-established reputation for producing bullion coins to the highest quality. Using the latest minting techniques and advanced technology, the Winnipeg-based refinery continues to produce products that surpass anything else on the market.

Furthermore, the Royal Canadian Mint uses advanced security techniques that are cut with lasers. This gives the coins extra security which make the assets impossible to counterfeit thus ensuring the protection against fake coins for investors.

Selling Gold Mountie coins

The gold Canadian Mountie is a unique edition and with a little over 8000 in circulation are extremely rare and highly sought after coins. Owners of these incredible assets therefore should not have any problems selling them for an excellent price.

As leading bullion dealers in Europe, CoinInvest GmbH are interested to hear from anyone with the 2011 one ounce Canadian Mountie for sale and promise to pay highly competitive rates based on current market prices. If you do have any Canadian Mounted Police coins to sell, do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales support team who will be happy to prepare an offer on your behalf and confirm the same by email.