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The Gold Mountie is one of those special coins that only come along now and again. To date, there have been two editions, and both were an instant success – thanks in part to exclusive features that differentiate them from other gold coins. They are an excellent option for both investors and collectors who value them for their rarity, purity and classic design features.

The Gold Canadian Mountie commemorative coin was issued in honour of the world-famous Canadian Mounted Police. It first appeared in 1997 with a guaranteed repurchase value of $310 that was valid until 1st 2000. The coin was revived by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2011 for another very special edition. The 2011 Mountie gold coin, sometimes referred to as the Gold Mountie Maple Leaf, has a face value of $200 (CAD). At the time of its release, the 2011 coin had the distinction of being the purest gold coin in the world at .99999/1000 or 24 carats.

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