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1 oz Mexican Libertad | Gold | 2011
Banco de México

1 oz Mexican Libertad | Gold | 2011


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1 oz Mexican Libertad Gold

The Gold Libertad (Freedom in Spanish) was the third modern bullion coin, following the Krugerrand and the Gold Maple Leaf, to be sold on international gold markets. These coins started being minted in 1982 by the Mexican Mint (Casa de Mondea de México) which is the oldest mint in the Americas being established in 1535 on the order of the Spanish Crown. It can be said that the silver variations of the Mexican Libertad are more abundantly produced; the Gold Libertad has a limited production each year.

Until 1991, when the demand and the popularity of the Mexican Libertad Gold coins increased, there was produce only the one ounce coin. So it took approximately 10 years for the Mexican gold coin to build its own fan base and enlarge its production from three weights to five weights. After that, there appeared a variety of sizes just like in the case of all bullion gold coins – the 1/20 troy ounces, the 1/10 troy ounces, the 1/4 troy ounce, and the 1/2 troy ounce sizes. By adding the two weights, 1/10 oz and 1/20 oz, the Gold Libertad became the first bullion gold coin to be manufactured in fractional sizes.

What makes the Mexican Libertad Gold coin different from other bullion gold coins is that it has no face value although it is considered a legal tender in Mexico. The Gold Libertad coins have 99% purity but that was not the case before 1991. Before 1991, the Mexican Libertad Gold coins had 90% purity; the other 10% were represented by silver as an alloy. This increase in purity was also due to the continued increase in popularity.

It is true that if we were to compare the Gold Libertad coin's popularity with that of, let's say, the Krugerrand, the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Chinese Panda, it could be stated that the Mexican coin is not so well known among international numismatists but it cannot be argued that the Libertad is an amazingly beautiful coin and stands out in any collection. Even though the Mexican Libertad Gold coins have a limited mintage, they are very popular in North America. Also due to their limited mintage in comparison with other bullion gold coins the Libertad coins are not so easy to come by.

Gold Libertad Side Designs

Between 1995 and 1999 and also in 2001 there were no Gold Libertad coins minted. They were reintroduced in 2000 due to their popularity and high demand and have been minted ever since, with the exception of 2001.

The new production also brought a new design. On the reverse we see the image of the winged Victoria who is the Goddess of Victory standing on the top of the Mexican Independence Victory Column. It is said that on the old productions, the winged Victoria was not standing on the Mexican Independence Victory Column. Victoria has a wreath in her right hand which symbolizes victory and in her left hand a broken chain to symbolize freedom. The size and purity are also inscribed on the reverse.

On the Gold Libertad's obverse is depicted the Mexican Coat of Arms – an eagle, which has been used on the national emblem, holds a snake that has the inscription “ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" which is the official name for Mexico in Spanish.

Gold Libertad Price

As said earlier in this article, the Gold Libertad coins are produced in limited mintage compared to other bullion gold coins which makes them more desirable, more hard to get, make the owner feel proud that he has succeeded in trading such rare coins, so it is an expected thing for their price to a little high.

If an investor buys a one ounce Mexican Libertad Gold coin, the price could be $100 to $150 over gold spot price depending on how significantly limited was the production.

For investors wanting to buy proof Libertad coins, the price can go as much as $600 or more over the gold spot price per ounce. That means that the proof Libertad is one of the most expensive coins on the second hand market. The prices for the Gold Libertad coins are defined by the shortage in production for the respective year.

  • Country: Mexico
  • Weight131.1035g
  • Series: Mexican Libertad
  • Mint: Banco de México
  • Purity: 999.9/1000
  • Product number: 11207

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