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25 x 1g MapleGram25 | Gold | 2014
  25 x 1g MapleGram25 | Gold | 2014
  • 25 x 1g MapleGram25 | Gold | 2014
  • 25 x 1g MapleGram25 | Gold | 2014
  • 25 x 1g MapleGram25 | Gold | 2014
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    25 x 1g MapleGram25 | Gold | 2014
Royal Canadian Mint

25 x 1g MapleGram25 | Gold | 2014


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MapleGram25, 50 Cents, 25x1g, Gold, 2014

The Royal Canada Mint (RCM) hit on another great idea in 2014 – 25 individual one gram Maple Leaf gold coins packaged in a unique set. Ever the innovators the RCM look set to start another trend for collectors and investors, and with each coin featuring the iconic Maple Leaf symbol and containing 99.99% purity, this impressive collector's item promises to be a highly valuable asset. Admired by investors throughout the world the Canadian Maple Leaf coin delivers value few bullion coins can match and the exclusive MapleGram25 raises the profile of the coins and the Mint even more.

Why buy the MapleGram25 Coin Collection?

The MapleGram25 was a new and innovative idea for the production of prized gold bullion coins. As the first of its kind, the collection of individual one gram coins promises to be a popular collector's item and highly sought after around the world for many years to come.

Packaged in five rows of five coins each weighing one gram, the diminutive bullion boast a gold content of 99.99% purity – or in other words 24-carat gold. Struck with the Canadian Maple Leaf that has graced the coins since they were first introduced in 1979, the coins are recognised as legal tender in Canada, but accepted all over the world – such is the status they have all over the globe.

Each of the coins in the pack can be removed thanks to a dividable blister pack, giving you the opportunity to hand the coins out as gifts should you choose, although they are much more valuable left untouched. Each coin is given its own distinct serial number so they can be checked for security.

The Maple Leaf's iconic status, and the ingenuity of a new method of presenting gold bullion mean the MapleGram25 is an attractive acquisition for both first time bullion buyers and regular long term investors.

Design of Maple Leaf coins

The reverse design features the iconic Canadian Maple Leaf that has featured on the Royal Canadian Mint's standard Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins. On either side of the leaf are the number 9999 representing the purity of gold which the coins are made from – 99.99% - in other words 24 carat gold. The weight of 1g is also indicated along the bottom rim.

The obverse features the 2003 effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Canadian artist Susanna Blunt, along with the words “ELIZABETH II", the face value “50 CENTS" and the date “2014".

History of Maple Leaf Coins

The MapleGram25 was first launched by the Royal Canadian Mint in September 2014 as part of a new initiative to present gold bullion coins in a unique and versatile way.

Investors have the opportunity to keep the 25 one gram coins together in a wonderfully presented package, or divide the coins using the tear away packaging and hand the coins out as gifts to loved ones.

The Maple Leaf is the Royal Canadian Mint's flagship coin. From its initial launch in 1979, the Maple Leaf has set new boundaries in the production of bullion coins. It was the first to increase gold purity to .992, in 1982 the purity was increased again to .995 and in 1988 to .9999. For special edition coins the RCM have even developed techniques to produce gold coins with .99999 purity.

The pioneering achievements of the Maple Leaf have continuously set new standards in gold coin production around the world, and with the Maplegram25, the RCM challenged their competitors to develop new and interesting ways of manufacturing collectible gold bullion products.

Security of Gold Maple Leaf coins

The RCM has one of the most advanced security measurements of any mint in the world. In 2014, they developed a micro-etched privy marked cut with a laser that can only be identified with a magnifying glass and is impossible to counterfeit without being detected by experts.

Each coin of the Maplegram25 set also carries a distinct serial number on the packaging together with a certificate of authenticity confirming the weight and purity of the coins.

CoinInvest GmbH only purchase Maple Leaf coins that are issued by the Royal Canadian Mint and our expert examiners can easily identify counterfeit coins, therefore investorscan be assured the products we sell are 100% genuine.

Buying and selling Maple Leaf coins

To order your Maplegram25 box set simply log in to your CoinInvest account and add the item to your basket by clicking on the orange strip to the right of the coins image above. You may then proceed to check-out or continue browsing through our online store for other excellent deals.

As a leading dealer in gold bullion products we are also keen to hear from anybody with Maplegram25 sets for sale and promise to offer highly competitive prices based on the latest gold spot prices. Do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff who will be happy to prepare a fixed fee offer on your behalf and confirm the same by email.

  • Country: Canada
  • Weight125g
  • Series: Maple Leaf
  • Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
  • Purity: 999.9/1000
  • Diameter, mm: 8
  • Face value: 0.50
  • Currency: Canadian Dollar
  • Product packaging: Blister
  • Bulk packaging: Blister pack
  • Authenticity guarantee: Certificate
  • Product number: 10433

1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

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