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20 Luxembourgian Francs 150th Independence Day | Gold | 1989

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20 Luxembourgian Francs 150th Independence Day Gold 1989

The obverse features the Grand Duke's bust surrounded by his title. Below Grand Duke Jean's bust the weight is shown.

The reverse features the crowned Luxembourg crest, on the left is the denomination and on the right is the text “IML". Below the crest, the date of the independence of the country is inscribed, as well as the date of the minting year.

The gold content of this coin is 6.22 grams or 1/5 troy ounces of gold, as also inscribed on the obverse fo this coin. The fineness of these gold coins is 99.90%.

Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, born on 5 January 1921, ruled Luxembourg from 1964 to 2000. He joined the British Army as a volunteer in the Irish Guards in November 1942. After receiving officer training at Aldershot, Jean was commissioned as a Lieutenant in March 1943, before being promoted to captain in 1944. He landed in Normandy on 11 June 1944, and took part in the Battle for Caen and the liberation of Brussels. On 10 September 1944, he took part in the liberation of Luxembourg before moving on to Arnhem and the invasion of Germany. After the war, from 1984 until his abdication, he served as Colonel of the Regiment of the Irish Guards, often riding in uniform behind Queen Elizabeth II during the Sovereign's Birthday Parade. He became Grand Duke when his mother, the Grand Duchess Charlotte, abdicated on 12 November 1964.

Grand Duke Jean abdicated on 7 October 2000, and was succeeded on the throne by his son Henri.

1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

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