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Luxembourgian Francs

Commemorative Gold Luxembourgian Francs are valued by investors and collectors for their rarity and gold content and for their sense of history and tradition. These striking European coins celebrate special events pertaining to the Duchy of Luxembourg and its Royal Family and they appeal to buyers looking for unique collectibles as well as investors who want guaranteed returns on their initial outlay.  Rare Gold Luxembourgian Francs include the 1953 coins that were issued to mark the occasion of the marriage of the heir to the Duchy, Jean of Luxembourg to Princess Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium, the 1963 coin that celebrates the country's centenary anniversary and the 1964 Gold Luxembourgian Franc commemorating Grand Duke Jean's coronation.  Each of these three commemorative Luxembourg Francs was minted from .900 gold in limited numbers of around 250,000. Buy them VAT Free at and complete your collection with the 1989 150th Anniversary of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg coin, the only one of the set to be struck from fine .999 gold.

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Luxembourg franc Bullion: The Iconic Luxembourg Coin

CoinInvest is very excited to offer you the chance to add the iconic Luxembourg gold coin to your investment portfolio. The limited edition commemorative coins were minted in 1964 to celebrate the coronation of King John and are in short supply thus representing an excellent investment opportunities for serious coin collectors who are quick enough off the mark. Get in touch now to make sure you don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity!

Buying Luxembourg franc coins

Luxembourg francs are available to purchase from the CoinInvest online store. Simply click on the image above to take you through to the product description page and add to cart, indicated by the orange strip to the right of the coins image. Select the country you would like your purchase sending to and proceed to checkout or continue browsing our online store for more great deals!

Luxembourg franc: Commemorative coins from the Ducat of Luxembourg

Gold 20 francs of Grand-Duce Jean de Luxembourg are commemorative coins issued the Luxemburg Mint. They vary in design and purity, although most of them are made of 90% gold. Luxembourg lies at the junction of Belgium, France and Germany, and was founded in 963 AD as a Grand Duchy. For years its currency was interchangeable with that of Belgium, but in 1854 began issuing its own franc, on par with the Belgian franc. The Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (Jean Benoît Guillaume Robert Antoine Louis Marie Adolphe Marc d'Aviano of Nassau) was born January 5, 1921 at the Chateau de Colmar-Berg. He is the eldest son of the Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma and the eighth Grand Duke of Luxembourg from 1964 to 2000.

On January 5, 1939, the day of his 18th birthday, Prince John officially became heir Grand Duke of Luxembourg. A few months later his mother's sister Antonia of Luxembourg and her family were interned in a Nazi concentration camp. This is when Luxembourgers realized first hand that the neutrality of their country would not protect them.

On April 9, 1953, the Grand Duke was married in Luxembourg to Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium, daughter of Leopold III of Belgium and the late Astrid of Sweden. A 20 franc commemorative coin was issued for the occasion, bearing the couple’s portraits.

In 1963 another commemorative coin was released, celebrating the centenary anniversary of Luxemburg.

On Nov. 12, 1964 Jean became the new Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and the Head of State. Coronation Day was commemorated with yet another issue dated XII - XI – MCMLXIV. The obverse side shows the bare head of Jean facing left, with the legend JEAN GRAND-DUC DE LUXEMBOURG, and below the neck J.N. Lefevre, which is the name of the designer. On the reverse we find an elaborate depiction of the crown and a border of flowers interspersed with three cartouches on which JE MAINTENDRAI (I will maintain) is inscribed.

The three coins are of 90% pure gold, and exquisite craftsmanship; they were minted in around 25,000 pieces. Finally, there’s the 1989, 150th Anniversary of the Grand Duchy Commemorative issue. The coin features brilliant proof quality, .999 gold purity, it is 21.11mm in diameter, 1.4 mm thick and weighs 6.25 grams. On the obverse we find a portrait of the Grand Duke with his name and title inscribed around him, while on the reverse we see Luxembourg’s coat of arms the IML mintmark (Institut Monetaire Luxembourgeois), and the dates 1839-1989. Grand-Duce Jean de Luxembourg 20 franc gold coins are a rare opportunity for a brilliant investment, also carrying high collective and commemorative value; if found, they present an option that shouldn’t be missed.

Luxembourg franc Design

The 1953 Prince Jean and Princess Josephine Charlotte Wedding 20 Luxembourg franc uncirculated gold coin is an impressive commemorative coin showcasing the quality and innovation of Luxembourgian coinage. It is 20.90mm in diameter, 1.4mm thick and it was printed on 90% pure gold, weighing 6.4516g. On the obverse there is a detailed double portrait of the couple with Jean in the foreground and Josephine slightly elevated in the back. Around them are the inscriptions PRINCESSE JOSEPHINE CHARLOTTE- JEAN GRAN DUC HERRITER. On the reverse we see two opposite facing J’s, the initials of the newly-weds, surrounded by two branches and a crown. Inscribed we find the words GRANDE DOUCH DE LUXEMBOURG, as well as the date of the wedding in Latin.

The production of the Luxembourg franc coin

The official issuer of Luxembourg coins and notes is the Institut Monetaire Luxembourgeois to whom the right of issue was transferred by the State in 1983. The IML is also the monetary authority of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It is at the same time the supervisory authority of the financial sector. The second program (1965-1989) of the Luxemburg Mint consisted of issuing 50 francs, 20 francs, 10 francs, 5 francs and one franc coins made of gold, silver, and lesser metals with a view to high quality.

The Luxemburg Mint Quality Assurance

Far from being afraid that you might find yourself with a counterfeit Gold Grand-Duce Jean de Luxembourg coin, you should indeed feel very lucky if you ever come across such a collector’s treasure. Given the exact specifications and comparing it with a photo, an informed dealer will verify its authenticity and acknowledge its rarity. In a matter of minutes you may be able to make a brilliant addition to your collection!

Selling Luxembourg franc coins

CoinInvest sell and buy Luxembourg franc coins so if you have any for sale we would be happy to hear from you. As a leading dealer in gold bullion coins, we are always keen to hear from anybody with hard to get gold bullion coins and are prepared to pay highly competitive rates based on the current market value. If you do have any Luxembourg franc coins for sale do not hesitate to contact a member of our knowledgeable who will prepare an offer on your behalf. Out offer will be a fixed fee price for a limited time only and will be confirmed by email.

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