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1/4 oz Krugerrand | Gold | 2013

[{"range":"1 - 5","min":1,"max":5,"sell_netto_price":318.41,"sell_brutto_price":318.41,"sell_netto_price_html":"318,41 €","sell_brutto_price_html":"318,41 €"},{"range":"6 - 10","min":"6","max":10,"sell_netto_price":317.6885,"sell_brutto_price":317.6885,"sell_netto_price_html":"317,69 €","sell_brutto_price_html":"317,69 €"},{"range":"11 - 25","min":"11","max":25,"sell_netto_price":316.967,"sell_brutto_price":316.967,"sell_netto_price_html":"316,97 €","sell_brutto_price_html":"316,97 €"},{"range":"26 - 50","min":"26","max":50,"sell_netto_price":316.2455,"sell_brutto_price":316.2455,"sell_netto_price_html":"316,25 €","sell_brutto_price_html":"316,25 €"},{"range":"51 - 100","min":"51","max":100,"sell_netto_price":315.524,"sell_brutto_price":315.524,"sell_netto_price_html":"315,52 €","sell_brutto_price_html":"315,52 €"},{"range":"101 +","min":"101","max":99999999,"sell_netto_price":314.8025,"sell_brutto_price":314.8025,"sell_netto_price_html":"314,80 €","sell_brutto_price_html":"314,80 €"}]

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The 1/4 oz Gold Krugerrand 2013

The South African Kruggerand is the original gold bullion investment coin and thanks to its unwavering success, is available in several denominations. The 1/4 oz 22 karat gold coins represent an excellent opportunity for investors to add this icon to your investment portfolio for affordable prices and with a high global liquidity promises to make a worthwhile investment.

Why buy 1/4 oz Gold Krugerrands?

The 1/4oz South African Krugerrand of 2013 remains one of the most popular investment tools in the bullion market despite fierce competition from its rivals. One of the outstanding features and investor interests in these coins is the unique orange hue and its status as a pioneer of bullion products in the private investors market.

Description of 1/4 oz Krugerrand 2013

Other than its distinctive colour, the South African Krugerrand can be identified by the iconic image of the leaping Springbok antelope on the reverse of the coins. The depiction was created by the native sculptor, Coert Steynberg for the very first coins produced in 1967 and has been a mainstay feature of the Krugerrand ever since. The reverse side also states the weight in gold – 1/4 oz – and the year of issue – 2013. On the obverse side of the coins is the detailed profile of Paul Kruger, the Boer leader and national hero who served four terms as President of South Africa. The design was realised by Otto Schultz and is featured with the name of the country along the top arch.

History of Krugerrand Gold coins

The history of the Krugerrand began in 1966 when the South African government approved plans for the Rand Refinery to produce bullion coins aimed at private investors. At the time, bullion coins for private investment did not exist and the Krugerrand became an instant hit – despite being banned in many countries because of South Africa's association with apartheid. Named after Paul Kruger and the national currency – the rand – the Krugerrand was unrivalled in the bullion market until the late 70's when a spate of other Mints also began producing gold coins, most noticeably the Royal Canadian Mint's forward-thinking Maple Leaf in 1979. The following year, the Krugerrand was issued in fractional denominations to help regain market share and encourage customers with less money to take advantage of excellent investment opportunities. The same reasoning still holds true today.

Security of Krugerrand Gold coins

The South African Kruggerand is manufactured to the highest quality using the latest minting techniques an advancements in technology. As a result, these high profile bullion coins cannot be counterfeited without being detected, although many have tried and failed. The coins are struck to precise measurements and weights that are exceptionally hard to reproduce using other alloyed coins, and because materials used in fake coins are softer, they are easily detected by experienced dealers like the experts at CoinInvest GmbH. Furthermore, we only purchase coins from the South African Mint which are 100% genuine.

Buying and selling 1/4 oz Gold Krugerrand coins

As a leading distributor of gold bullion CoinInvest are in a strong position to buy and sell 1/4 oz gold Krugerrand coins at exceptionally competitive prices. Using our online store to purchase coins could not be simpler. All you have to do is register your details and log in to your account, then select coin of your choice and tells us how many you would like to purchase by updating the relevant box to the right of the coin's image above. To order your 1/4 oz Gold Krugerrands, simply add the product to your basket by clicking on the orange strip in the volume pricing section and tell us which country you would like your purchase sending to on the next page. Then simply proceed to checkout by following the online payment instructions. CoinInvest also buys 1/4 oz South African Krugerrands so if you are looking to offload your collection of 2013 coins we can offer you excellent rates based on current spot prices. Feel free to contact a member of our staff and they will be happy to prepare a fixed-fee quote on your behalf and confirm the same by email.

1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

* The delivered products may vary slightly from the picture shown.

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