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20 French Francs Génie 3rd Republic | Gold | 1871-1898

20 French Francs Génie 3rd Republic | Gold | 1871-1898


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20 French Francs Génie 3rd Republic | Gold | 1871-1898

The 20 Francs Génie is the most minted coin in France after the Napoleon III and Marianne Coq coins. This coin marks the change between the Empire and the Republic in France and represents the value of the French Republic: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. However, the State is not yet separated from the Clergy, which is why the words "Dieu protège la France" (God protects France) appear on the edge of the coin.

The obverse:

A beautiful drawing from Augustin Dupré represents the Guardian Angel Genius writing the constitution (the legal texts) on a blank tablet. The genie is turned to the right and is writing the word “constitution” on a table laid on a stone pillar. We can also find the French symbols on the design: the cockerel, the lictor beam with the hand of justice above. The words “Republique Française” are written above the angel and at the bottom can be found Dupré’s signature.

Augustin Dupré was the student of the sculptor David and the French Revolution gave him the opportunity to develop his art of engraving medals and coins.

The reverse:

It shows the famous motto LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE first used in 1848 under the 2nd Republic in France and inspired from the words of the “déclaration des droits de l’Homme et du Citoyen” of the French Revolution. In the middle of the coin can be found the face value of the coin “20 Francs” surrounded by an oak leaf crown. The date “1878” underneath is the year when the coin was minted.

The Monnaie de Paris:

Did you know ? The Monnaie de Paris is the world’s oldest continuously running minting institution. It was founded AD 864 with the Edict of Pistres and is now a government-owned institution.

Originally the Mint was located in Paris at the “Hotel de la Monnaie” on the Left Bank of the Seine. It is a beautiful building designed by Jacques Denis Antoine and built in the 18th century. However in 1973 the mint relocated to Pessac (Bordeaux region) and the original facility is now used as a museum. It is the home of many ancient coins and is a beautiful example of French Neoclassicism in terms of architecture.

Today you can purchase this beautiful French coin on Coininvest and acquire a piece of French history. Do not wait!

  • Country: France
  • Weight15.81g
  • Series: French Franc
  • Mint: Monnaie de Paris
  • Purity: 900/1000
  • Diameter, mm: 21.00
  • Thickness, mm: 1.30
  • Face value: 20
  • Currency: French Franc
  • Product packaging: Sachet
  • Product number: 11015

1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

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