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10 French Franc Cérès 2nd Republic | Gold | 1848-1852

10 French Franc Cérès 2nd Republic | Gold | 1848-1852


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The 10 French Francs gold coin was minted between 1854 and 1922 by the Parisian Mint. The French gold coin issued under the denomination of 10 Francs was minted in 1899. It was estimated that there have been minted 1,600,000 10 French Francs gold coins.

The 10 French Francs gold coin has a total weight of 3.2258 grams and the weight in gold is of 2.90 grams, meaning 0.0933 troy ounces of gold. It has a purity of 90.00% which is also expressed as gold of 21.6 carats and a diameter of 16.5 mm.

As a gold coin, Francs were first minted in 1360 to commemorate the freedom of King John and it featured the design of the armored King John on horseback. The word “franc" is translated as free and it also makes a referral to Frankish people. Their issuing lasted until 1642.

The Francs were revived as gold coins minted by the French government during the French revolution in 1795 that is why on their reverse they feature the words “LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE". The reverse of the 10 French Francs gold coin also illustrates the year of minting and the denomination of “10 Francs". The reverse depicts two olive and oak branches.

The obverse of this French gold coin with a denomination of 10 Francs depicts the portrait of Ceres, a goddess of agriculture, facing right and having a star above her head.

On the obverse it is also engraved “REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE".

The 10 French Francs gold coin can be extremely valuable for investors and the main and obvious reason for it is that it is made of gold. French people are renowned for their culture of hoarding gold which mostly come in the form of gold coins like the 10 French Francs gold coin. They often turn to gold in order to protect their wealth and therefore spiking the price of gold coins through their increasing demand.

A good example for this wise decision of investing into gold coins, like the 10 French Francs s gold coin, is the year 2008 when the financial crisis made a lot of people confused and worried for their financial future. So the French decided to buy gold which increased the premium for the 10 French Francs gold coin in a great manner.

  • Country: France
  • Weight12.9g
  • Series: French Franc
  • Mint: Monnaie de Paris
  • Purity: 900/1000
  • Diameter, mm: 18.90
  • Thickness, mm: 0.86
  • Face value: 10
  • Currency: French Franc
  • Product packaging: Sachet
  • Product number: 11008
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