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English Rose Gold Coins

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English Rose ½ Ounce Gold Coins: Profitable Commemorative Bullion

The Rose is synonymous with the history of England and was chosen by the Royal Mint to represent a new series of English Rose gold coins. First minted in 2010, the English Gold Rose contains a 99.9% purity and are the size of the old Guinea pieces. Representing the power and wealth of Britain, the English Rose promises to be an excellent investment opportunity for anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio with exclusive gold bullion.

Buying English Rose Gold coins

You can purchase English Rose gold coins from the CoinInvest store from time to time, but given their rarity, you will have to act fact to get your hands on these valuable assets when they are in stock.

To purchase, simply click on the image above then add your selection to the shopping basket in the next screen. From there you can either proceed to check-out or continuing browsing our online store in search of other great investment opportunities.

English 1/2oz Gold Rose: Historical British Coins

The English Rose gold coin date back as far as the 15th Century when King Edward IV found a way to increase the value of currency in England. Gold was selling for more profit in Europe so traders exported their coins which led to a shortage in Britain. Edward therefore raised the value of the gold Noble, the first gold coin to be produced on a large scale in England. The new coins were given the name Rose Nobel and was distinguished by the rose on the ship.

Powerful families in the Middle-Ages used the symbol of the Rose as an emblem of their families, and the rose on the coins reference the War of the Roses between the houses of York and Lancaster, one of the most famous battles in British History. The modern versions appear with a peaceful impression of the rose, rather than wars they have become synonymous with.

English Rose Gold Coin description

The image of the English Rose is featured on the reverse side of the coins together with conformation the coins are made from “HALF TROY OUNCE 999 FINE GOLD”.

The obverse side is also unique, especially on UK and commonwealth coins. Where you would ordinarily find the familiar profile of Queen Elizabeth II, is the geologically detailed map of the British Isles with raised divots marking the highest mountain ranges in the UK. The initial BM underneath the image indicated the coins were made in the Birmingham Mint. The date also appears on the obverse.

The production of gold English Rose coins

The English Gold Rose is produced in the UK’s Birmingham Mint which was initially established as a private enterprise in 1850. The foundry replaced the defunct Soho Mint and worked in close co-operation with the Royal Mint. Today the premises is owned by the Pobjoy Mint who manufacture gold products on behalf of governments, central banks and corporate companies.

Selling English Rose gold coins

If you have any English Rose gold coins for sale, CoinInvest GmbH would love to hear from you. As a leading merchant of gold bullion coins, we are always keen to hear from anybody looking to cash in on their assets. We promise to offer highly competitive rates at current market prices so if you are looking to sell, contact a member of our friendly team with the details and we will get back to you with a firm offer.