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20 Kroner Frederik VIII Denmark | Gold | 1908-1912

20 Kroner Frederik VIII Denmark | Gold | 1908-1912

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20 Kroner Frederik VIII Denmark Gold 1908-1912

The Danish 20 Kroner Frederik VIII. gold coin was minted between 1908 and 1912 by the Royal Danish Mint. The Kroner gold coin was introduced one year after Denmark abandoned the silver standard, meaning in 1874, and so become the official unit of the Denmark Kingdom monetary system. Two years before, in 1872, the Scandinavian Coin Union was formed by Denmark, Sweden and later Norway and the 20 Kroner gold coin was denominated as the primary monetary instrument in these countries and also a fixed standard of value.

Even though the Danish 20 Kroner Frederik VIII. gold coins have a scarce mintage, they are sold at a low premium over the gold spot price which makes these coins valuable for bulk gold investors.

This gold coin issued under the reign of Frederik VIII., king of Denmark, has a purity of 90.00% which is the equivalent of 21.6 carats. Its total weight is of 8.9606 grams and the gold that is used in producing one gold Danish 20 Kroner Frederik VIII. coin weighs 8.06 grams or 0.2592 troy ounces of pure gold. This gold coin also has a diameter of 23 mm.

The word “kroner" means crown in Danish. It was the name chosen for this Danish gold coin because it features on the obverse the portrait of various Kings of Denmark, like Frederik VIII. and Christian X.

On the obverse of the Danish 20 Kroner Frederik VIII. gold coin depicts the portrait of Frederik VIII., facing left. He was King of Denmark just for six years and died at the age of 63. He was succeeded by his son Christian X. who also appears on a Danish gold coin.

His bust is bear headed and accompanied by the following inscription: “FREDERIK VIII DANMAKRS KONGE".

The reverse illustrates the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Denmark. Also on the reverse are engraved the year in which the Danish 20 Kroner Frederik VIII. gold coin was issued, the denomination “ 20 KRONER" and the heart shaped mint mark of the Copenhagen Mint.

As mentioned above, at first the Danish 20 Kroner Frederik VIII. gold coin was not minted with investors or collectors in mind, in the beginning they were simply the official unit of the Danish monetary system and were also minted in order to facilitate the exchange of banknotes for gold.

Nevertheless, demand from investors and collectors for the Danish 20 Kroner Frederik VIII. gold coin it became bigger.

The Danish 20 Kroner Frederik VIII. gold coin was produced in what it is considered to be a scarce mintage therefore it poses a great interest to collectors. This gold coin from Denmark is also visually appealing and the gold used in manufacturing it has a high purity of 90.00% which makes sought after by investors and collectors alike.

  • Country: Denmark
  • Weight18.06g
  • Series: Danish Kroner
  • Mint: Royal Danish Mint
  • Purity: 900/1000
  • Diameter, mm: 23.00
  • Thickness, mm: 1.60
  • Face value: 20
  • Currency: Danish Kroner
  • Product packaging: Sachet
  • Product number: 10702

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