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5 Dollar Bicentennial of the Constitution | Gold | 1987

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Bicentennial of the Constitution, 5 Dollar, 1987

The bicentennial US$ 5 gold coin is one of a kind. Produced to commemorate 200 years of the US Constitution it has immense historical importance that would grace any coin collection.

Why buy Bicentennial of the Constitution Gold Coins?

The bicentennial coin is a favourite with collectors and backed by the US government the weight and purity is guaranteed. Produced in 1987 only, the commemorative coin honours an important event in the founding of the US, so is highly sought after by serious coin collectors.

Gold has been a valuable investment tool for centuries and continue to perform strongly in today’s economic environment, especially in time of recession. With a weight of 8.359 grams and a gold purity of 90%, the bicentennial gold coins have global appeal and promise a good return on investment.

Design of Bicentennial of the Constitution, 5 Dollar coins

The Bicentennial $5 coins are distinguished by the quill pen on the reverse side, a reference the signing of the constitution in 1787. Across the centre of the coin are the words “We The People” heralding the founding of a democratic society and the date Sept 17 1787 just above it. The thirteen stars represent the 13 founding states. Inscribed along the bottom are the words BICENTENNIAL OF THE CONSTITUTION.

On the obverse side is a stylised rendition of the flying eagle that is synonymous with gold coins produced by the US Mint. The difference with the five dollar bicentennial coin is the eagle is carrying a feathered quill in his claws. The word LIBERTY appears on the left hand side and the American slogan IN GOD WE TRUST across the 12 rays of sun radiating from behind the eagle. The date 1987 appears at the bottom.

History of American Constitution Commemorative Coins

The US Mint first issued commemorative coins in 1982 when they released a silver half-dollar George Washington gold coin to commemorate the 250 year anniversary of the country’s first President.

The first $5 gold eagle was issued in 1986 with the release of the US State of Liberty Coin, which was followed by the bicentennial of the Constitution gold coin a year later.

The 1987 issue featured a gold and silver coin struck at West Point. It proved to be so popular with collectors and investors that mintage reached the maximum one million pieces. However, these coins are so sentimental they are not widely available on the bullion market.

Security of American Commemorative Gold Coins

The US Mint take great measures to ensure their products are not subject to counterfeiting. Using the latest techniques and technologies, commemorative coins are manufactured to the highest industry standards and cannot be forged without escaping the attention of experienced experts at CoinInvest GbmH.

Buy and Sell Commemorative coins

Buying and selling $5 bicentennial coins from the CoinInvest online store could not be easier. To purchase, tell us how many coins you would like to purchase by updating the quantity field to the right of the image and adding your order to the shopping cart. Then all you have to do is tell us the country you would like the items shipping to and enter your payment details.

If you have any five dollar bicentennial gold coins for sale, contact a member of our staff who will be happy to propose a competitive offer based on the latest spot prices.

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