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1/4 oz China Panda | Gold | 2014
China Gold Coin Incorporation

1/4 oz China Panda | Gold | 2014


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The 2014 ¼ oz 100 Yuan Gold Panda

TheChinese Gold Panda is one of the most unique coin collections available. Issued by the central bank of the People's Republic of China, the design of the Gold Panda coins changes every year, not something afforded by every international mint around the globe. Not only are the coins different every year, but they are also feature one of the cutest designs, the much loved panda bear that are synonymous with China. The coins contain a .9999 fines and are manufactured to an extremely high quality making them an excellent investment choice or generous gift to a loved one.

Why buy 2014 ¼ ounce Gold Pandas?

The 2014 ¼ oz Golden Panda is manufactured using advanced minting and engraving techniques and is one of the finest coins on the bullion market. Featuring the widely adored panda, the aesthetic value is unquestionable, and given its high gold content, high liquidity vale and numismatic interest, the gold Panda coin is one of the best precious metal investments you will make.

Description of 2014 ¼ ounce Gold Pandas

The 2014 ¼ ounce China Gold Panda feature a solitary bear playing with a branch with a bamboo forest in the background. It is arguably the cutest design of any gold bullion coin this year and perhaps the most adorable ever produced by the Republic of China Mint. The face value of 100 yuan is also featured on the reverse side together with the weight of ¼ ounce and confirmation of the .9999 purity.

On the obverse side of the coin is one of China's most ancient, and classical landmarks, the Temple of Heaven, a Taoist monument situated in south-east Beijing. The Chinese lettering inscribed along the top translate into English as People's Republic of China and the year of issue is engraved into the bottom.

History of 2014 ¼ ounce Gold Pandas

The China gold Panda was first introduced in 1982 and was immediately struck in fractional sizes alongside the one ounce versions. But it was the ¼ oz that proved to be the most commercially successful given the lower purchase prices which were more accessible in China at the time. The ¼ ounce gold coins continue to perform strongly in the market today, despite the economic resurgence of China making it possible for investors to purchase coins of higher denominations.

Security of 2014 ¼ oz Gold Pandas

CoinInvest buy China Gold Pandas directly from the China Mint and can guarantee 100% the validity of the coins we sell. The coins themselves are made to the highest standards and with the advanced security features are next to impossible to forge, predominantly thanks to their small size. Any attempts to counterfeit gold Panda coins will be detected by experienced bullion dealers like our experts at CoinInvest.

Buying and Selling 2014 ¼ oz China Gold Pandas

The 2014 ¼ oz China Gold Pandas are available from the CoinInvest online store and could not be easier to purchase. Simply tells us how many coins you would like to purchase by updating the fields to the right of the featured image at the top of the page and adding to your basket. All you have to do then is follow the on-screen instructions to proceed to check-out and enter your payment details. Although we endeavor to dispatch your order within two to three days of receiving your order, please allow at least 10 days for delivery as it can take up to seven days for payments to reach us depending on your country of origin. CoinInvest are also keen to hear from anybody with 2014 ¼ oz China Gold Panda coin for sale. As a leading European dealer of precious metal products we promise to offer competitive rates in line with the latest spot gold prices. Feel free to contact a member of our support staff who will be happy to take your details and confirm an offer by email.

  • Country: China
  • Weight17.7759g
  • Series: China Panda
  • Mint: China Gold Coin Incorporation
  • Purity: 999.9/1000
  • Face value: 100
  • Currency: Yuan
  • Product packaging: Sealed in plastic
  • Authenticity guarantee: No Certificate
  • Product number: 10623

1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

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