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1/10 oz Nugget Kangaroo | Gold | 2015
The Perth Mint Australia

1/10 oz Nugget Kangaroo | Gold | 2015


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1/10 oz Kangaroo Nugget Gold 2015

Always eagerly anticipated by collectors, the 2015 1/10oz Gold Kangaroo coin continues the popular series known for its supreme quality, absolute purity, and attractive depictions of the kangaroo, the worldwide recognized symbol of Australian wildlife. These wonderful 1/10oz gold coins are not only prized by investors for their one-year-only attractive designs, but also for the fact that they are minted from .9999 fine gold. Backed by the government of Australia, a major gold producing country, these lovely coins have an actual gold weight (AGW) of 1/10 troy ounce and are legal tender with a face value of 15 Australian Dollars.

Why buy 1/10oz Gold Kangaroo 2015 coins?

Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins have dramatically lower mintages than other modern gold bullion coins and restricted availability. Also, unlike most modern issues, the Gold Kangaroo designs are changed annually, which encourages collectors to save them from year to year. For these two reasons they are also referred to as "bullion collector coins". 2015 1/10oz Gold Kangaroo coins are a prize to own for their beauty and pure gold content, so make sure you keep some for your collection and save some others to present as gifts to loved ones

Description of the 1/10oz Gold Nugget 2015 coin

The 2015 1/10oz Gold Nugget / Kangaroo weighs 3.11 g of 99.99% pure gold. The coin is 16.60 mm in diameter, 1.50 mm thick and carries a face value of AUS $15.

The obverse portrays Ian Rank-Broadley's likeness of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the coin's monetary denomination inscribed beneath the effigy. Her Majesty's name, "ELIZABETH II", along with the issuing nation "AUSTRALIA" are inscribed along the top-right quarter of the rim.

The reverse design depicts a red kangaroo, one of the Australian Outback's most recognizable wild animals. The moon sits in the sky in the upper-right portion of the field while the large animal vividly leaps through the field and over the year-date, the weight and purity "2015 1/10oz 9999 GOLD" engraved along the bottom rim. "AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO" is inscribed across the top of the rim, with the "P" mintmark placed to the right of the kangaroo's tail.

History of the 2015 1/10 oz Gold Kangaroo

Initially introduced with a 1986 proof set as the Australian Gold Nugget, the Gold Kangaroo was the first gold bullion series to be approved by the Australian government and was subsequently issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965. It was followed by legendary series such as the Gold Koala in 1988 and the Gold Kookaburra in1990. On the 23rd of April 1987 the Australian Gold Nugget coin was officially launched in Sydney displaying on its reverse side the largest gold nugget ever found, a rock containing 2,284oz of gold. The 1/10 denomination had the inscription "Little Hero" below the rock. In 1990, although the coins were still called "The Australian Nugget", the design on the reverse side was changed to depict a red kangaroo designed by Stuart Devlin as an internationally recognized symbol of Australia and its unique wildlife. Since that time, a kangaroo motif has appeared on each Gold Kangaroo issue, but changes annually on coins weighing 1oz and less.

Security of the 2015 1/10oz Gold Nugget

Its small size, detailed and highly artistic design on both sides, together with precise manufacturing to exact specifications comprise the 2015 1/10oz Gold Kangaroo's strongest weapons against counterfeiting. The specifics of the coin are well known to every experienced dealer and the Perth mint has made sure they are almost impossible to copy: even if the weight and dimensions seem to fit, the detail, depth and sharpness of the relief, as well as the warm colour of .9999 fine gold found on an original 2015 1/10oz Gold Nugget / Kangaroo are features that stand as strong obstacles for any aspiring forger.

Buying and Selling 2015 1/10oz Gold Nugget coins

You can purchase your 2015 1/10oz Gold Kangaroos from the CoinInvest GmbH online shop at excellent rates. The Perth Mint only produce a very limited number of 1/10oz Kangaroos coins each year which in turn limits available coins in stock, so add the 2015 1/10oz Australian Gold Kangaroo coin to your collection today. Simply make your selection by clicking on your preferred choice and add the product to your shopping basket by clicking on "add to basket" highlighted by the green band in the properties table.

CoinInvest GmbH also buy 2015 1/10oz Australian Gold Kangaroo at competitive rates displayed on the product page. If you have any gold coins for sale, do come in contact a member of our friendly team who will prepare a limited time fixed quote for you and send you confirmation through email.

  • Country: Australia
  • Weight13.1035g
  • Series: Australian Kangaroo
  • Mint: The Perth Mint Australia
  • Purity: 999.9/1000
  • Diameter, mm: 16.60
  • Thickness, mm: 1.50
  • Face value: 15
  • Currency: Australian Dollar
  • Product packaging: Plastic capsule
  • Bulk packaging: 20 foiled, 100 per box
  • Authenticity guarantee: No Certificate
  • Product number: 101133

1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

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